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    Custom made quad leaders (special adjustments on the handles) to John Barresi's specifications, compatible with any variation of the popular "1.5 quad" platform kites including those made by Revolution, Phoenix, Freilein, etc.

    Leader prices include S&H within the USA.

    Package includes 2X top leaders and 2X bottom leaders, all made using cored LaserPro bridle line for maximum durability – 100# is generally sufficient for everyday quad flying, but 170# is also available for stacks and power kites.

    Note: Do not mix leaders from one package to another, each set is hand-tied to be perfectly matching but there are small variances from set to set so if you want to mix colors, please contact us with your request and we will try to accommodate you.

    Tuning: If you’re not there already, start with your settings way out on the last knots then pull those top knots in one at a time until you are able to launch and fly. Every couple weeks, repeat the process and eventually your “happy knot” will end up further out as your skill increases. This will feel heavy and weird at first, but there is a reason the pro fliers fly this way and it’s worth the time spent.

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