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Rev Upgrades

Reinforcements and other modifications for Rev 1.5 sized kites.

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    Extend the durability, lifespan and performance of your 1.5 sized Revolution kite (includes EXP, SLE, B-Series, B-Pro, printed sails, etc) with tab reinforcements along the length of your leading edge mesh - the same mods made to JB's own equipment, they are now available to other fliers upon request.

    These mods will not prevent mesh tears entirely, but will make the kite more stable, reduce damage and ensure that your kite maintains it's important flight shape for much longer than normal.

    Ordering notes:

    • All sails should be folded and sent without frames.
    • Return shipping is included during check out, we pack and mail the sails via USPS Priority Mail flat rate box (US customers only), $13.45 covers shipping for up to 1-4 sails, $18.45 for 5-8 sails.
    • All apparent dirt and sand should be cleaned out of the kites before sending (not good for our sewing machine) and a $10 cleaning fee will apply to each sail that we need to clean ourselves.
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    1" insignia tape strips along the vertical (back side of sail - behind the upright spars) to reduce wear and stretch, two of the biggest dangers to any unsupported 1.5 sail.

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    One additional stitch along the entire length of the trailing edge, serves to reduce stretch and gradual deformation of the sail area.