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Found 15 results

  1. Hey there, kite flyers! Kligs Kites is hosting an annual kite festival at the beautiful Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina on March 19th and 20th. The event is free, just bring your kites and family! There will be thousands of kite flyers as well as many reps from the big names in the kiting industry. This is the perfect event for people of all ages who just love kites! If you have any questions, feel free to check our website and facebook page for more information. Kligs.com and Facebook.com
  2. Discover the best kiteboarding movies the 2016-2017 season has to offer, celebrating amateur stories as well as industry videos. The films will be shown on the big screen at the premiere kiteboarding beach in Boston: Pleasure Bay. The audience will be the Academy of Kiteboarding Films. The votes will be cast and tallied on the spot with the winners announced that very night! The committee (Kiteboard Junkies) will curate the best and most appropriate films to compile a 90 minute program with statues awarded to the top videos in the following categories: -Best Industry Video -Best Male Video -Best Female Video -Best Amateur Video -Best Documentary -Best Local Video Submissions are now open! We are looking for films that show passion for kiteboarding and the lifestyle. If you have made a kiteboarding movie, the work has merit and the filming is well done, be it an industry video or an amateur kite film - we are interested in viewing it! Due to this format, films must be under 5 minutes in length. To apply, send an email to kiteboardfilmfest@gmail.com and please include: Your contact information. Tell us where you are from and list any websites or organizations you belong to. Include a link to the website, YouTube, Vimeo, or ftp download. If you would like to send us your submission instead, let us know. Submission deadline: July 25 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! For more information, check our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalKiteboardingFilmFestival All are welcome to join us in Boston at Pleasure Bay, August 22nd 2017!
  3. The Community Kite Festival of Huntsville, AL, sponsored by AshaKiranonline.org, will be held at John Hunt Park, Jaycees building and park area, on March 4, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. I'd like to invite everyone in the area to come out and participate, or just come out and watch. There will be food and entertainment, and it is a free event. (Entertainment will include watching some old, fat dude attempting to fly a kite for the first time in over 30 years.) facebook.com/communitykitefestival
  4. My Wind Stuff will be hosting the first Family Kite Festival in Wakefield NE at the High School at 802 Highland St. , October 16,17,18 . We will start a short demo show on Friday afternoon up until the Hot Air Balloons launch around 4:30 then continue all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday. We will be displaying many large promotional pieces as well as teaching dual line and quad line basics . We always have a large selection of kites on hand for sale as well as offering kite repairs for most brands. Their should be plenty of space to fly even during the balloon launches in separate fields. The community ìs having a parade , craftshow , car show , 5k run/walk . Wakefield is not too far from Souix City Iowa or Omaha Nebraska , this is a great opportunity to come and show off your kites and flying talents to a community that sees very little kite flying. Let's help inspire these folks to the great world of Kiting! Free admission !Contact Curt at My Wind Stuff 785-483-1309 for additional information.
  5. My Wind Stuff is hosting the 3rd annual Family day kite festival next weekend Sept. 19-20 in Colby Kansas at the Colby High School from 11am until dark both days , if your anywhere close you will not miss this events location, just north of the Wal-Mart and easily seen from interstate 70. We draw in alot of travelers from the interstate , just wondering what's going on with all the big kites. Dual line and quad line basics will be taught Free of charge. Parking is Free and Admission is Free. Acres and acres of flying fields all neatly groomed. This is a great pre corn harvest event. Kite vendor on hand for sales and we also offer repairs for almost every make of kite. Contact Curt at 785-483-1309 . This event is located in western Kansas and is a nice get away from the Denver Co. area.
  6. I have been quite busy....and embarrassed I have not done more than basic shares with this yet. Stay tuned. I had 3 short runs while there. A few really challenging moments with soooooooooo many kites in the air. Big lifters...a gajillion homemade kites flying on anything that could be used for flying line. Quite an experience... Even met some kite fliers from KiteLife that I didn't know about...from the Caribbean. Do the search.....you will be very impressed at some kite flying in different parts of the world...the competition and goals of competing are very different from what we see The clear box kite and crew are the ones I am referring to..they made this kite, along with some of the night kites in the hotel lobby. no test...launch it baby...let's see what it does! Awesome! I was so stoked to have a camera in the air Until then..... Enjoy some KAP photos from Cartagena, Colombia https://flic.kr/s/aHskiH8SfQ
  7. 3rd Annual Bluffs Breeze Kite Festival , Sponsored by My Wind Stuff and Nebraska Tourism . Saturday Sept 5th we kick off in Mitchell Ne. At the old Mitchell airport just after the Old West Balloon Fest hot air balloons launch at 6am , we will fly until dark , this is one of the largest flying fields we have seen in a long time (airport) miles of clean air without obstructions. Sunday the 6th and Monday,Labor Day the 7th 11am until Dark, we move back to Gering Nebraska to Five Rocks Amphitheater with the Scottsbluff National Monument in the background. Plenty of shade , parking , Rubidox rv campground , restrooms etc.. This is a family fun day , children , adults, amateurs and professionals are all invited to this FREE festival. Contact Curt at 785-483-1309
  8. Bear Lake North Shore Kite Festival I’d like to let everyone know that we will be starting up a new kite festival to take place at Bear Lake in Idaho. Date and Time: 8/15 and 8/16/2015 from 10am until 6pm. Location: North shore of Bear Lake in Idaho (near St Charles ID) at the Bear Lake State Park http://www.bearlakekitefestival.org This is a great location to fly kites. The lake is about 20 miles by 3 miles with bright blue water. This time of year the water is low so the beach area is huge. The park also allows people to drive right down on the beach so you can drive right up to the flying field both days. The park is waiving the $5/day fee as long as you let them know you are there to fly kites (celebrating the Park and Recreation’s 50 year anniversary). There will be a flying field open for multi-line flying and demos as well as plenty of room on the beach for any/all single line kites. We will be giving kites away to the first 70 kids each day. We will have music playing all day long on both days. Please consider attending and supporting this new kite venue and event and let me know if you have any questions!
  9. What: 11th annual Atlantic Coast Kite Festival When: May 2, 2015 from 10am - 4pm Where: Virginia Beach, VA (between 16th and 18th street on the beach) Website: http://www.beachstreetusa.com/festivals/atlantic-coast-kite-festival Hope to see some of you there!
  10. Mark your calenders for Wind and Wheels 2015 in Leoti Ks, April 18th at Wichita County High School Football Field . Enjoy a day of kites , music, entertainment, car show and food. Events start at 8am and run past dark. www.windandwheels.org/ , for more info. Or facebook Wind and Wheels
  11. Once again this year...I was fortunate enough to spend several days in Treasure Island for the 18th Annual Sport Kite Competition. This was my third year in attendance. Nice weather saw fair winds and large crowds.Sunday brought some of the largest spectator crowds I have seen. Unfortunately,I was flying line all day and unable to KAP.....never thought I would say that was an issue Saturday however, I did manage to put the camera up and do a 1500 picture run throughout the area and competition/demo field. I have had the opportunity to review and crop out 50 or so pictures and uploaded them here for your viewing pleasure https://flic.kr/s/aHsk7haVfu
  12. MyWindStuff will be hosting the 2nd annual Winging it on the Plains Kite Fest in Colby Kansas stsarting at 11am and running until dark, at the Colby High School at 1890 South Franklin Ave. Colby ks 67701 ,just north of the Walmart and easily visible from interstate 70. This is a one day event on Saturday Sept 13th with a tentative rain/no wind date on Sunday the 14th. This is a FREE event for all! Plenty of room for large kites and seperate fields for dual and quad line kites . Vendors will be on site for kite sales , food and drinks !
  13. From the album: International Kite Festival 2013 India

    International Kite Festival 2013 - Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - Royal Kite Flyers Club - http://www.ahmedabadkiteflyers.org team at IKF 2013
  14. From the album: International Kite Festival

    Vibrant Kite Flyers Club India - Kite Flyers India | Kite Club India | Indian Kitist | Kite Fliers Ahmedabad Gujarat - Vibrant Kite Flyers Club. VKC - Vibrant Kite Flyers Club - Best Kite Club of Indian Kitist and Fliers from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India provides kite making, kite designing, kite competition and kite awareness and knowledge programmes. kite, ahmedabad, gujarat, tourism, kite flyer, kite flying, indian kites, kites india, indian fighter, kite festival, kite exhibition, kite making, kite painting
  15. From the album: Kite Flyers India

    Paavan Solanki at Cha Am International Kite Festival 2012
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