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Found 22 results

  1. 1. Prism 25th Avviersary Quantum Radian Special Edition - Flown just a handful of times and is in excellent condition. Kite comes with: Dyneema 85' 150# lines w/ straps Dyneema 85' 100# lines w/ straps Dyneema 85' 50# lines w/ straps 2 40' Nylon tails. One is Orange and one in Purple, both match the kite 16ft Led Kite Tail All of this was roughly $200 including tax. Looking for $150 Includes shipping to CONUS. Specs: Wing Span: 84" Wind Range: 3–25 MPH Frame: .098 Pultruded Carbon Lower Spreaders: Putruded Carbon Upper Spreader: Pultruded Carbon Sail: Ripstop Nylon & Mylar Laminate Assembled Weight: 15.3oz (435g.) 2. Premier Osprey. Small hole that has been repaired with transparent repair tape. $30 including shipping to CONUS Let me know if more pics are needed.
  2. SOLD - Terry Crumpler Pro-Wasp needs a new home. Cleaning out some kites to make room for others. Accept PayPal, no trades please.Pro-Wasp Specifications:• Status - Out of Production• Condition - Very Good• Skill Level - Intermediate to Expert• Wing Span - 96"• Frame - Easton a/c tubes• Sail - 3/4oz. Carrington Spinnaker nylonMade in USA by WindWalker Kites/Terry Crumpler/Gayla Industries SOLD - Pro-Wasp (Purple) - 98.00 includes shipping in CONUS - This kite is a blast to fly in higher wind. Sail is crisp, clean and ready to fly. Comes with original sleeve and a turbo bridle (if you dare).
  3. Excellent condition. Used only a handful of times. $30 - Includes shipping Size (W X L): 60 x 26.5 in. / 152 x 67 cm. Wind Range: 5 ~ 18 mph Fabric: Ripstop Nylon Frame: Tubular Fiberglass Weight: 6.4 oz. / 182 gm. Line: Includes 100 lb. Test Low Stretch Polyester Line with Flying Straps
  4. For sale Post to Mainland United Kingdom ONLY Peter Lynn Hornet 5.0 in Orange,Teal and White Handles and bar included with one full set of lines Flown once, power kites are just not for me!! The picture of it flying is a stock photo not me!!!! £125 Posted
  5. Hello All~ I am selling what I believe is a one of a kind North Shore Radical by TOTL. It is a tie-dye sail that is is beautiful condition. I am honestly not sure how long I have had it in my bag, but it has markings from 1998 as well as a signature by Ron Reich from 2001. I have never flown it myself, and the bridle looks in perfect condition. I am asking $300 OBO. It is a beautiful, rare kite that, as I am aware, is a one of a kind. Please let me know if you are interested. I can email pics, the photos are too large to upload.
  6. Prism Nexus 5 Stack RTF Excellent condition 9 out of 10 The perfect kite for Novice pilots, world travelers with small suitcases, gifts for kids 9 and up! Nexus 5 Stack Kit Perfect for show-offs, festivals, anywhere with an audience Stacking lines pre-installed- just assemble and fly! Convenient travel case holds the entire assembled stack Complete with Spectra lines and instructions Color-matched tails included Comes with: Pre-measured and attached stacking lines, 150# x 85' Spectra lines, winder, 5 color matched tails, flight straps, convertible 5-stack bag (holds up to 12 kites), complete instructions. Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate Wing Span: 60" (168 cm) Height: 32" (81 cm) Speed: Fast Wind Range: 3-25 MPH Pull: Light - Medium Frame: Pultruded Carbon, Fiberglass Sail: Ripstop nylon, Mylar laminate Flying Line: 150# x 85' Spectra Price: $250.00 Free Shipping to the lower 48 States when you use PayPal friends, and family option
  7. This is a package deal for Revolution Quad Kites, and accessories. 1) Revolution B-Series Custom Gray Fade Standard Includes Two wrap frame set, Three wrap frame set, Black Race frame set, Green Race frame set LPG Quad line set 90# x 100', LPG Quad line set 150# x 100 feet Revolution Quad handles 13" with pro leaders 2) Revolution 1.5 Ghost SUL (all white sail) Includes Black Race frame set, Two wrap frame set LPG Quad line set 50# x 100' Revolution Quad handles 15" with pro leaders 3) Revolution Skulls Printed Full Sail includes Black Race frame set 4) Revolution Supersonic Gold/Black Includes extra rods LPG Quad line set 150# x 100' Revolution Quad handles 11" with regular leaders 5) Prism Large Roll Up Kite Bag, able to hold up to 10 kites, and accessories $1200.00 all included, free shipping to USA when you use PayPal friends, and family option All kites, and bag are around 6 months old, and are in like new condition, sails are still crisp, no stains, rips, or holes. Photos available upon request
  8. Now changed to "FOR SALE" $US185 shipped. Included is the same as is offered for trade. Looking for a horse trade. Red and Grey with White centre B2 Standard. Sail is in 8.5/10 condition, still crisp and crunchy. No stretching, no thread pulls, no colour bleeds. Bridle has very little wear. End caps and bunjis still in great condition. A little fraying at either end of the LE pocket. Comes with: 2 and 3 wrap frames complete, B2 bag, Magic Sticks installed, 11" converted No Snag handles with #100 LPG Bridle leaders, Shipped world wide from Australia. Just want to trade kites, not money. My preference are for a comparable "night visible" type of coloured sail. Freestyle dual UL or Std or B Series Rev Std. Just the kite, bag and frame. I don't need handles, straps or lines. Depending on the Rev I could go without the frame. Would consider a well used but still fly able Pro or Shook too. Photos shortly.
  9. SOLD .....I just listed a Ray Merry / Premier Kites RM8 in like new condition on eBay for Auction eBay listing # 152015611520
  10. I've bought several dual-line kites as of late and need to find a new home for 5 of my kites. I hate to sell them, but I just don't have room. All sales will need to be through PayPal without fees. All prices are for the kites only, shipping is additional for CONUS only. Please PM for all communication. When communicating, please be sure to refer to the kite number. These kites come with socks or cases but no lines are included. I've tried to include as much information as I can for each kite, but if you need any additional info, feel free to PM. Thanks, Robert 10/28/2015 - Discounted some of the kites. Last time for a discount. If these don't sell, they'll just go back in my bag. Keep in mind that I am willing to do a trade or sell these kites as a package. Just let me know. 11/17/2015 - Thanks.... all kites are back in the bag.
  11. SOLD I've gone off and done it now. I bought more than I can afford, or fly. Up for sale are two Prism Snapshot 2.5 Speed/Power foils. SOLD #1) new replacement sail in the plastic and lightly used, equalized lines(dual control, rtf) $100 SOLD #2) used, good sail with nearly new brake lines and used, good main lines, equalized to same length as brake lines. Also comes with convertible dual/quad bar/handle. $150 Prices are PayPal, no fees, shipped conus.
  12. Aerodrone Speedlimit for sale. Price is $90. plus $15. shipping. I will ship to US lower 48 states only. Buyer will pay by Paypal. I will ship USPS Priority mail. Sails and rods in great shape. Comes with two upper cross rods. One a little long than the other which changes how tight the sail is. I have replaced the rubber bands that help hold the cross rods on. Got them at Office Max. This fix should work. I've included some extra rubber bands. This kite originally sold for approximately $400. There is an article in the Winter-Spring 1995 Kite Lines magazine. Wind range is 5-25MPH. I have seen a team use these in Newport, RI. Smooth flying kite due to the venting. Here is a link to a review: Please PM me if you are interested.
  13. I have the following issues in good condition. There were 4 issues per volume: Vol 1: All Vol 2: All Vol 3: All Vol 4: Missing 3 Vol 5: All Vol 6: All Vol 7: Missing 2 and 3 Vol 8: Missing 3 and 4 $25 plus $10 shipping Mitch
  14. I found these kites on UK eBay that I wish I could bid on but the seller won't ship to the US (pleading got me nowhere)! I thought I'd post them here for the benefit of any who might be in the UK or have connections there so perhaps some of the good folks in the Kitelife community might have a chance at them. Sure wish I could bid on the Skydancer Enigma! Maybe the karma will work out for me in other ways....;o) Auctions end Feb 20th and 21st. Good luck!
  15. Offer Concluded... Both kites are in excellent condition. Moving on in my flying and really don't need the Quantum anymore although I don't mind keeping it. Also, I have a Prism 4-D, so I'm willing to let the 3-D go. I take Paypal. $55.00 + Shipping ConUS - Prism 3-D Orange - #1488 - excellent condition - 3 sets of stand-offs, 2 sets have rubber bands (Line and winder not included)For more info: $70.00 + Shipping ConUS - Prism Quantum Fire - 5 months old - flown about 15 times - excellent condition (Line and winder not included)For more info:
  16. This kite comes kite and sleeve only. It's also numbered and signed. P.M. if interested. ....
  17. mystainedskin

    Power Blast 2/4 rips , tears, or repairs. Prices O.B.O plus shipping Slight color bleed on center white included but hard too see. A little dirty...good cleaning will solve. Bridle sleeve torn...but line in excellent snags (like that when I got it) Sail/3 wrap frame w/ extra l.e.rod/bag $275+ shipping (checking on cost due to size) Above listed with lines $ 325+shipping Handles and lines $375+shipping Really would like to keep the handles and lines...mostly the price reflects that. Handles have been converted to no snag style. 2 open offers on this first interested party is 3rd in line.
  18. mystainedskin

    Rev 1

    Rev 1 $ 125 plus shipping U.S. only 4 wrap w/ extra center L.E. rod Generic sleeve No handles Pictures included of decribed items: Small hole...tape repair No L.E. or mesh tears Sail shows use but in overall good condition. Bridle wingtip sleeving wore..but many hours left on it ... updated (new style ) bridle Bungees could use replacing..but same as bridle..many hours left.
  19. New unopened RTF package $160 Also, an opened but never flown or assembled Exp. $100 no lines or handles. Both kites Lime/Blue in color U.S. only. A couple of used kites coming soon.. Both kites ...... ★SOLD★
  20. Hey Folks! I've created a nice new bunch of my "Aerostakes" and have them posted for sale over at my Etsy site! Buy one for yourself or as a gift for the fliers in your life! Each colorful stake is completely unique and handmade by yours truly. I hope you'll check them out! Happy Holidays!
  21. SOLD - For sale is a Revolution Blast. It comes with Revolution Handles, 150#\200# x 85' Laser Pro Lines and carry bag. It is in good condition, only a small scuff mark on the leading edge and slight color bleeding from the bridle. This kites flies great. $300 or Best Offer. Shipping included to US48. You can email me at Thanks. Matthew