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Found 1 result

  1. September first seemed like as good a time as any for a first post. I'm going to fill in my story up till today, and hopefully make mroe regular postings in the future. I flew my first dual-line kite on April 20th and have been hooked ever since! It was a $20 In the Breeze Colorwave kite with a 48" wingspan. The wind was strong but the group of us were all still able to get the basics of kite control down I flew that kite at least a couple times a week every week. After we replaced the standoffs with coat hangers it could even be stalled and could kindasorta do a side-slide. The leading edges of that kite only just broke last weekend teaching a few new people the ropes. Here are 30 sec of me flying that kite a month ago. I won a Prism Quantum in the karma drawing which I have been flying since mid/late July. It is a totally different kite and a joy to fly. It wasn't until last week that I started to get the hang of snap stalls (still lots of work to do). For the next little while I'm all about getting stalls and slides down, and possibly trying the axle a bunch. Here is a 5min shot of playing with the quantum last week (winds are a little low) There is also a 15min video from a couple days earlier on my channel. It has better wind, but I clearly hadn't cracked snap stalls yet. My wonderful boyfriend found me a couple used kites on Craigslist so I am also the owner of a Prism Ozone and an Illusion 2k. I've taken the ozone out a handful of times now that I'm not terrified of breaking it and it is an amazing kite. Here is me flying it in very low wind. I have a lot of learning to do but am hugely excited to have found something that captivates me. I'd love feedback on my flying anytime! I'm only just starting to connect with local flyers as they come back from vacation so I've relied on reading these forums and on youtube for most of my education. Thanks for reading, and thanks to this vibrant community! Chris
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