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  1. World Wide KAP Week - #WWKW2019 - is on, and we flew our camera in difficult, turbulent conditions with the wind way too strong for our venerable Rokkaku ... This session in Tivoli park, Ljubljana, didn't produce exceptional photos, but every KAP is a good KAP, right? Check out the full set on our KAP website! 😉
  2. Hello again 🙂 Here are some kite aerial photos of Dornava Manor, the largest and most exquisite Baroque architectural ensemble in Slovenia. Built in the first half of the 18th century it still boasts one of the longest Baroque garden axis in the region. Read more about it - and see more aerial photos! - on our KAP website ... All photos shot with a new KAP kite - a dr.agon D90 BW mini delta, designed for strong(er) winds (it went over 50 km/h here).
  3. A nice story and a couple of kite aerial photos of the medieval heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia was just published on our KAP website ... 😉 Launched from a tricky, narrow place with a lot of turbulence - but with quite good results it was worth having a couple of litle heart attcks 🙂 ...
  4. Here are some kite aerial shots of Ormož Basins Nature Reserve, an important bird sancutary in Prlekija region of Slovenia. Please read a sweet story about nature conservationists and heavy agroindustry working together to preserve a truly special ecosystem!
  5. Have to share this ... Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, as seen from a kite: https://kapjasa.wixsite.com/kap-jasa/single-post/2019/03/11/Ljubljana-Beloved
  6. Iška Moor nature reserve is one of the finest examples of damp, marshy grasslands in Slovenia. The eastern part of the reserve was overgrown and is in the process of meadow restoration since 1998. The old meandering channel of river Iška is clearly visible from the air, despite being silted up since melioration in the late 18th century. All kite aerial photos shot with Nikon P330 on a Royal 69 sled kite. See the full report and more kite aerial photos of this fantastic place at our KAP website!
  7. Hello everyone!We flew our kite above a most intriguing archaeological site - 6.000 years old pile dwellings in Ljubljana Marshes, Slovenia, part of UNESCO World Heritage.You can read more about the fascinating finds and the life on the lake thousands of years ago on our KAP website 🙂
  8. Kite science: how to defend fragile habitats against invasive weeds - with a kite! Aerial photos cah help in assesing the number of invasive plants in an ecosystem. Kite aerial photos even more so, as the kite is way eco friendly than other alternatives ... you just don't go buzzing above an important habitat scaring the hell out of everyone (especially them protected species)!😉 Check the full story on our KAP Website ... ;-) Che
  9. Kite aerial photo of a cute little church of St. Volbenk (Wolfgang of Regensburg) near Zelše, Slovenia.Could st. Volbenk be a patron saint of kite flyers? See the whole KAP session and learn more about the church and the saint on our KAP website!
  10. Hello everyone! We are two kite aerial photography enthusiasts - Janez and Saša - from Ljubljana, Slovenia. We would like to present you our just-launched, brand new kite aerial photography website!All our adventures, mishaps, discoveries, stories and beauty from the air in one place, with info on KAP equipment, kite types, rigs and cameras, plus tips on how to do KAP science, and some links. Every visit, critique, comment and suggestion is greatly appreciated :-) Thanks and have a nice day! KAP Jasa
  11. Hey guys! Me again!I'm here on behalf of a Mechanical Engineering Project that requires a mechanism to be built that will launch a kite in low winds so that it will be shot up to 50m where the better winds are. I'm back with another few questions to ask all of you. Any help is appreciated!1. How do you normally launch your kites? Besides tugging and running backwards?2. Were there any methods that didn't work? Why?3. At what speed do you consider low winds? How fast must the wind be to lift a kite?4. What's the weight of your kite along with the photography rigging?5. What types of kite do you use? What are their specs? What winds do they fly in? How heavy can the lift?6. What type of cameras do you use?7. What has been the smallest and largest kites/payloads you have used?8. Do you KAP on land or at sea? Which do you prefer?9. How much would a full set be? Kite and rigging included?10. Have you ever used methods that involved an energy source? Batteries etc.11. Do you fly on your own or with a group? Thanks again! Jason
  12. Hey guys! My name is Jason and I'm currently in my 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering. I have an on-going project at the moment. The design brief is this:"There are many applications for airbourne devices including kite aerial photography or kite fishing. A major challenge is providing the necessary initial lift for systems which may have additional weight to reach height with constant winds (>50m). The objective of this project is to design a low cost, low weight, low power system which can provide the necessary initial lift in the absence of wind on the ground." My questions to anyone reading this is, What are your needs when it comes to initial lift? How do you cope with low winds? If there was such a system to launch it to 50m, what requirements would you like it to have? Thanks guys! Jason.
  13. Once again this year...I was fortunate enough to spend several days in Treasure Island for the 18th Annual Sport Kite Competition. This was my third year in attendance. Nice weather saw fair winds and large crowds.Sunday brought some of the largest spectator crowds I have seen. Unfortunately,I was flying line all day and unable to KAP.....never thought I would say that was an issue Saturday however, I did manage to put the camera up and do a 1500 picture run throughout the area and competition/demo field. I have had the opportunity to review and crop out 50 or so pictures and uploaded them here for your viewing pleasure https://flic.kr/s/aHsk7haVfu
  14. Todays journey started with all intentions of Rev flying on a local pier with floating docks. Upon arriving and waiting for a few folks to move...the wind got funky..eventually dying off. I managed to squeeze some water play and a little flying in..but not enough to even get the camera set up. After a few dips of complete stillness and nowhere to run...I decided to Kap instead of slice my sail on barnacles. It took about an hour to finally get the Triton up high enough for some liftable air. At approximately 350'..viola Never say Never. With all good efforts come rewards! After much running and fighting bugs and the wind....here is my prize. ........a few were too large.I will resize and post up in a bit.
  15. Out to enjoy some sun today after alot of rain. Sunshine and 4 to 8 mph out of the NNE....that's butta for an east coast guy. I was KAPing and Reving off and on,so i figured what the heck. I already know of the twisting outcome....but it will be fun right? 6 minutes of dangling video during some Rev play.Fun:
  16. A local spot with a large dock. Sort of at a turning point in the river for large ships. Don't get to kap here often due to confined launch area unless wind is right or blowing real good. Large parking lot to launch from...but surrounded by trees and sometimes pretty difficult to get up without launching from the dock.Once up....free to roam wherever you want. This used to be all river beach years ago and undeveloped for about 2 miles from rivers edge.. Excellent spot to throw the cast net when shrimp were running. Now it is developed completely around except for this park... St. Johns River Jacksonville, Florida Reddie Point
  17. Found a local spot not far from home browsing Google Earth. Who knew? I have lived in my town and state my entire life and never had a clue this was here. Dutton Island Preserve a.k.a. Pine Island. Jacksonville,Florida. The journey starts on the entrance road to the island. Although not alot of recovery room to either side of the road, great spot to catch the wind in the intracoastal waterway. No powerlines...no anything. Then I ventured on the island. Found 2 small docks and a larger one...which i quickly headed out on. Trees along the route called for a dock launch and land with absolutely no where to run..but the wind was in my favor and direction. Had a few more pics ...but too large and i am lazy Always nice adding and finding hidden gems...all because of kites and the constant need to feel the wind. 1 line or 4
  18. Today I rolled out 500' of new line. Of which another spool was available, as I got 1000'. So after watching my friend fly on 2 spools a few times....I figured why not. We joined some Emerald Coast Kite Club members at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine. Some Slk, dual and Rev pilots flying between us....but alot of Kap. 4000 pics this evening alone for me Back on track..... So I carried both spools out with me today. I guess subconsciously telling myelf I was gonna do it! I strolled around with my wife and photographed lifeguards and other kiters....the normal beach stuff...at about 200' and below. Then I took a high run all the way out. I turned and smiled to my better half when I reached the end of the line. She asked.... what? I pulled the other spool out ..hooked it up...and let it run slack for about 250' over beach goers heads and then tensioned the line. Up the camera and kite soared to new heights. The highest I have ever flown with or without camera rig. At one point..2 full spools out...1000' feet! Although the kite was riding in about the 700' range. More story than pics this time....but here are 2 for "perspective" This is with about 750' of line out...maybe 675' in kite heighth. Gauged from a Rok flying next to me on a taught 500'.
  19. So I got the new camera. GoPro 3+ black and immediately made a rig from the packaging that night. The following day I met a friend who is a hard core kap fan (kapnut) in historic St.Augustine,Florida for some fun. He was nice enough to provide me with a loaner kite..a Fled. As we all know, I felt naked and 3 lines short What great fun! I pushed about 400' of line out and my new camera floating in the 300' range at one location (cross is 280' high)and walked the sea wall next to a historic fort Castillo de San Marcos and down the road along the sea wall with water on one side and traffic on the other.. Close to 600 pics total on a 5 second time lapse. The highest I have ever flown a slk...much less kite and camera. Most of the pics are fairly large and haven't had the chance to reduce the size. So here are a couple for a start. Unfortunately, these had to be cropped to fit the size requirment and keep the detail.
  20. Hi everyone, I've been working away on a rig design that's intended to make KAP really easy and much less expensive than it has been in the past. I've put it on Kickstarter and one of my backers told me that I should write about this on the KiteLife forums! This rig is called the Sparrowscope, and it uses a smartphone or an iPod Touch as a camera, video downlink, and remote control receiver. It's using the headphone jack of the phone to send motor control information for pan and tilt. Here's a little animation that shows a demo: If you'd like to find out more about it, check out the Kickstarter video! And if you can help me get the word out about the project, I'd really appreciate it. Have a great weekend, Ori
  21. ricmerry

    KAP Worshop

    From the album: AKA 2013

    Ken Conrad with a wearable KAP video monitor "The Borg"
  22. ricmerry

    KAP Worshop

    From the album: AKA 2013

    Ken Conrad demonstrates his gimbal rig
  23. ricmerry


    From the album: WSIKF 2013

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