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ISO:Wanted/snagless Quad handles.

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Wanted/snagless Quad handles.

I've only got one set and am on a budget.  I'm trying to get my kids flying. Ideally I would like three more sets of used or new rev type handles.  Snagless preferred; however, I'm flexible.  Thanks in advance. 

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I've given handles away, mostly to my own offspring, but I seldom sell one w/o acquiring the replacement beforehand,... up-grading the length (or unloading unused sizes as it were), currently I have a back-pack with a few in there.

3 fifteen inch no-snag sets (one: 120-/100# skyBond, TWO: 60-/100#, three: 100-/50#), solid aluminum rods

1 thirteen inch no snag set (120-/100 pound or 170# if it's howling wind), solid aluminum rods

1 Rev2 handle set, extended to 19 inches thru the use of a carbon tube insert, affixed with a Rev end-cap, vinyl taped in place (1999!) steel tubes.  (45 feet of 90# LPG)

1 fourteen inch set of laminated wood, pistol-grip indexed for each hand, handles, (60 feet/50# SkyBond)

1 Titanium set, 19 inch tubes, 3/8 diameter, grade five, with wooden pistol grip indexed for each hand, handles

1 indoor set of Rev handles 14 inches (Carbon tube) (usually 100'/50# but sometimes as short as 45)

1 mini set of indoor aluminum 1/4" diameter tube handles from Ben Dantonio 7-8"?,... He said: "you'll figure 'em out" (the kite can carry them underneath in a gliding pattern, if pilot releasess handles entirely). 17 to 28 feet, as long as possible to fit the room.

1 set of Reflex handles (13 inch) carbon tube, indoor cross-pollination hybrid thingy, lime-ish green. (line length unknown!)

Additionally: 3 sets of "TC ULTRA handles, drilled-out plexi-plastic, shaped grip 13 inch handles for the baby Revs (80 feet, 100# SKYbond).  These handles ride in the case with the kites, not my back-pack. They're only used for one specify kite 42 inch leading edge 6-pack stacks (3) or Dugard's 36 inch LE 6-pack stack.  These 24 kites all fit in Brianne's Howard's custom fabricated hard-sider (case),


Ti handles.jpg

case two.pdf

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