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higher wind quad


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It would work. 

The "up to 25" may mean different things to different people. Most kites have a range of about 10 or 15 MPH. Lighter kites have a smaller range as they are more fragile, stronger heavy kites can have a bigger range. Stronger winds than the sail is designed for will stretch the fabric and risk breaking the spars. Weaker winds are difficult to fly in. It is all a bunch of trade-offs. 

Each brand of quad line kites has vented models inside that wind range. Many people carry a sail for 5-15 range. One may be 10-25 range,  and maybe still another for 0-5 or 3-10, or strong winds from 30-45. The numbers on a web site are suggestions but vary by the human on the line and their skill and ability. 

The Rev spider is good for 10-25. Weaker winds are possible if you're skilled and willing to do leg work. Stronger winds will stretch the fabric. 

It is a good second kite for beginners, or a first kite if you regularly have stronger winds.

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I"m not sure about the 'new' Rev kites, I flew one for the first time about a month ago, but it was the successor to the Zen. I didn't like the feel of it, and was glad that I hadn't been keeping up with the times.

For winds like that, I fly my old Full Vent 1.5, but that's pretty much the most wind I would fly it in, although I've flown it in winds up to 35mph with problems, it's just fast with alot of pull.

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Bit late to the thread...

Currently running a Djinn full sail (don't feel the term standard really applies to such a fine bird) and a Polo VTD.
Djinn up to about 20 km/h and the Polo for about 15 km/h upwards.
For a high wind kite the Polo VTD has a massive range. I've had mine in 88 km/h in the 3 frame. It seems to be more comfortable inverted in the lower winds.
Again, not sure how higher winds you want to go. Or if you prefer a powered up sail loading.

Have you got one yet?

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I'd get mesh from Riff on this forum. He probably has a pile of his "tails" kites stuffed in a corner. Nothing handles better in gusty, flying when you probably shouldn't be. I built my own for fairly cheap and fly it when I don't want to pull out my Djinn full vent. There a good first kite building project. If your flying solo in gusty high winds the kite doesn't need to be perfectly built. 


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