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Available:Kymera by Barresi Dual Line Stunt Kite in Blue, New $175

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Kymera by Barresi Dual Line Stunt Kite in Blue, New $175

Brand new, never flown or unwrapped Kymera by Barresi. Color is blue, black, and white. I won this in a drawing, but after my brief failed experience with a quad line kite, I am not going to attempt to fly this. It is being sold at $225 plus shipping; I am selling it at $175, plus shipping. (I have a 100% rating on eBay under the name Jerome2800. I will ship this to CONUS via priority mail for $20. Payment only by PayPal.)


The first picture is a stock photo; the other picture is mine. After watching a YouTube video of John Barresi unwrapping the kite, I’m not going to attempt unwrapping it and then getting it wrapped again. Too complex for me. The following description is taken from another web site:

·         Designed by JB in collaboration with Into The Wind, the Kymera blends old and new school elements to produce both trick and precision ability in a wide wind range.

·         Graceful side slides, jacobs ladders, spin landings to wap-do-waps, this is a true all-rounder fit for a fun day at the beach or serious competition.

·         Built to drive and track with sharp, stable cornering when loaded up with a good wind, the Kymera is a great kite for tight banking turns and arcs with small powerful inputs, backed up by its smooth style throughout a wide range of tricks.

·         Icarex polyester with Sky Shark carbon spars. 7'-2" x 3'-2". 11.1-oz. 58/36" case.

·         Includes two 15-gram and two 5-gram tail weights to use in any combination that you choose. Use 90-lb. Spectra line.

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