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Young flier question...


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How young can someone learn to fly?

What is the best way to start?

- Single line for fun\basic understanding

- Dual line for training?

- Quad line to make dad cry?

What about good starter kites?

Not to say I am not willing to share my bag, but I also don't think a fx32\psycho\badboy are the place to start.

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Hey you,~

Each child will be different. I've seen 5 yr. olds on Rev.s with better control then some adults.

I generally have good luck giving a 7 yr. old a lesson on a Rev.

A good questions might be. "How old before they can untangle thier lines?" :P

Good to see you.



Hey Penny,

Now you got me thinking... Maybe I should just teach my kids to untangle lines and not worry about flying... hehehe. What about dual line? Do the kids get any younger?

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My little girl has had an interest in kites since she could walk on the field. Just this summer we were at a local club fun fly and I was teaching her the basics of dual line flying. She seems to have a definite interest (I will post a couple of pics my wife took later tonight) BTW: she is only 20 months old right now and was only 18 1/2 months when I started teaching her.

Now she sees any kites she starts screaming KITES! KITES!

Yup, I think I'm raisin' her the right way!


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Thank you.

She truly does have an interest in kites. I think I might have a serious flier on my hands (only time will tell). Normally she has the average attention span of an 18-20 month old, but when it come to kites, she doesn't want to quit. The learning session pictured above last about 45 min. Truly amazing for a child her age.

BTW: I just found out last Friday that we are now expecting our second child. :big_blowup: I hope he/she has an interest too. Then I will have succesfully bred my on team :)


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Huge Congrats on the new arrival!!! You better be careful tho...when they get a little older they will take all your kites and you won't have anything to fly!

That is why I have been getting into building kites as well as flying them. :big_blowup:

So the way I have been looking at it is, now I have an excuse to build this kite, or that kite or, etc.

Besides If the whole family gets envolved, it makes shopping for gifts a lot easier.


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