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    • By mystainedskin
      I had to make some repairs to my old full vent this evening. While I was at it...I went ahead and made another mod Mr. Paul Lamasters and Mr. Paul Dugard had mentioned several times before.
      To start..I added extra "tabs" at the folding points and the center bridle point in the l.e..... I will load some pics later. This gives you 7 tab attachment points in between the l.e. and the actual sail.This is well worth it in my opinion. Prolonges overall life of the kite and the l.e. mesh.
      The next mod..bungee covers on the lower verticals. I dig this one...and super simple.
      I used whatever material i had available. Just so happened to be a variety of webbed strapping. Sort of heavy...but all in the name of learning and old sails. I would definitely use a l.e. type material for these mods.
      These mentioned items will be done to all my new sails........
      What do you do to trick your ride?

    • By Cyphert
      So i have a lot of dual line and most all have a little different bridle. i dont know the names and what they all mean. turbo bridle, reverse turbo bridle, whats the difference.
      i have a bead bridle system on my silver fox and its a knock of nirvana. the guy i was flying with yesterday made the same bridle that is on his nirvana and put it on his silver fox. the sea devil is the exact same as the nirvana as well what bridle does it have.
      is there any benefit to a fancy bridle over a basic 3 point bridle for an older kite that wont see any slack in its lines?
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