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His task in TURBO BRIDLE is to increase the flexibility range of the upper frame, which significantly reduces its damage in a sudden and strong gust of wind (I broke 6 tubes in 3 months)


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lay the kite flat on the ground, (no flying lines) is it flat?

now suspend it in the air by the top two attachment points (ONLY) of the bridle.  A "OFF" ceiling fan or a personal helper in the den holding one side?

If the bridle "cups" air pressure ( a curved surface as in photo 3) that is good for low wind, slack line tricking, maybe even giving a lesson.

If the frame is more flat/stiffer it will track better (stay on the line you've placed it upon)

**** Make certain the frame has no distortion when suspended by the top two points ONLY.  Move or adjust legs to fit this objective.

In photo 2, it appears to me, you can add some little loop bridle extensions (on the corners/ends of the leading edge) between frame end-cap & the actual bridle, try an inch diameter loop first, .... objective is to restrict or NOT move those end caps on the corners of the LE towards the pilot during hard forward flight commands (or in a big wind).  

Conversely, you could let out the center of the bridle instead, longer, try a few various lengths in an effort to dial it in.  Watch out for excessive wiggle at the center bridle attachment point on the LE, that is making "slop", or smoothing out\diluting pilot commands, necessitating a pre-load (Whump)

It will be harder to break a spar with everything on the bridle legs pulling up tightly but still flat!  It will also impact the low end of the wind range (gone or lessened) and alter the flight dynamics of your flailing actions,..... (more pilot effort necessary to refill the sail or dump the air) 

Everything is a balance between your ultimate objectives and some awful bad crap you didn't want happening at all!!!!

Alter the bridle to save the frame?

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I just fly the right vent configuration to match the wind range instead. Have flown in 25mph gusting to 35mph using an extra vent with no problem. Above that use a Vicki. Also, this set-up will cause a sudden stop in the flex which is MORE likely to BREAK a spar than save one.

Hey, John, what are the wind ranges on the vented Djinn models?

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19 hours ago, Paul LaMasters said:

Alter the bridle to save the frame?

turbo bridle makes the kite stiff, almost flat in the air. The modification does not work all the time only with a sudden gust or with increasing wind speed.

not shock absorber


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then you are left with the acquisition of tougher, stiffer spars to prevent breakage in big wind or against hard commands of flight, an inch of bridle line (looped extension) seemed easier, quicker & cheaper to test

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    • By mystainedskin
      I had to make some repairs to my old full vent this evening. While I was at it...I went ahead and made another mod Mr. Paul Lamasters and Mr. Paul Dugard had mentioned several times before.
      To start..I added extra "tabs" at the folding points and the center bridle point in the l.e..... I will load some pics later. This gives you 7 tab attachment points in between the l.e. and the actual sail.This is well worth it in my opinion. Prolonges overall life of the kite and the l.e. mesh.
      The next mod..bungee covers on the lower verticals. I dig this one...and super simple.
      I used whatever material i had available. Just so happened to be a variety of webbed strapping. Sort of heavy...but all in the name of learning and old sails. I would definitely use a l.e. type material for these mods.
      These mentioned items will be done to all my new sails........
      What do you do to trick your ride?

    • By Cyphert
      So i have a lot of dual line and most all have a little different bridle. i dont know the names and what they all mean. turbo bridle, reverse turbo bridle, whats the difference.
      i have a bead bridle system on my silver fox and its a knock of nirvana. the guy i was flying with yesterday made the same bridle that is on his nirvana and put it on his silver fox. the sea devil is the exact same as the nirvana as well what bridle does it have.
      is there any benefit to a fancy bridle over a basic 3 point bridle for an older kite that wont see any slack in its lines?
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