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KiteLive: Three new web discussions

John Barresi

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Alright, we've got three hot topics lined up... Hopefully we'll reach a point someday where I don't feel like I have to stress this - do not underestimate the depth of subject and gratification available in these online sessions, we've ALL been surprised so far at how quickly time goes by, how enjoyable it is, and the sheer volume of details and experiences that we were able to comfortably relate.


KiteLive: Quad - Light Wind Theory (Apr 12, 1pm PDT)


KiteLive: Quad - Talkin' about Team (Apr 13, 1pm PDT)


KiteLive: Flight Vocabulary and Content (Apr 18, 1pm PDT)


Registration includes all members of your household, we are expecting a variety of seasoned panelists to participate in each session, and projected duration is roughly 2 hrs each with the ability to go longer if group enthusiasm dictates.

I sincerely hope to see many of you in one or more of these sessions - its odd times, and the socialization does us good. 🤟

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