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hello, i have from a recent purchase an AIRBLAST 11.8 who seams was never used judging by the bar, lines and sail condition. on this week-end ( 04/25-26 ) i will inflate the kite to see if are any problems with the bladders, check the length of lines and take some pictures of the kite on the ground and launched. More details Sunday afternoon or Monday when i will have post the pictures and checked the integrity and condition of gear 

I do not have any more interest in kite-surfing so ...if somebody want this kite i am open to offers 

Thank you 

P.S. I will have post this at Sell, swap or trade but is not an option for this kind of kites. they are count to be 4 lines but not really  

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my knees, if i will started this 10-15 years ago probably now i will have enough experience to lower the pressure on the knees but at 51 to start i find out is not to much time to perfect the fly and position. i was extremely tired after 15-20 minutes making the traveling and preparation time to not wort to be spend 

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I hear you, am also past my good years(59).  I am going to snowkite this winter and if I like it, I will move to the water.  I have been wakeboarding and snowboarding for a number of years, hopefully that helps.  My big fear on the water is the drive time to Lake Michigan(1 1/2 hours), and the wind disappears.  The boat propels me no matter the wind.   Need partners for the boat and they are scarce lately.  Blue

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not the driving part is bad trust me, is the wind. the only way to kite boarding on Michigan lake on west shores is to have N-NW ore S-SW winds anything else will not work to come back to shore except if you want to visit Michigan state in to a wet suit. how hard the wind is less important because if you are a serious kite surfer you will have on your quiver probably anything from 20 to 6 M to cover all wind condition but you must to have something more...a licence. some city's require a kite boarding licence  

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