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Do you remember your very first kite?

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An older brother who was traveling --- then age 19 with a job and money --- was introduced to kiting and bought two stackable power kites in 1985 (I believe they are Flexifoils) which is how I ended up with Catch the Wind catalogs. CTW kept sending catalogs to our house every few months, and I'd read all I could. 

I had several cheap plastic kites, but my first "real" kites were a single line parafoil in 1986 and a basic dual line line in 1987, both from Catch the Wind.  I would fly them both in a weed-filled field near my house after school, and since I wasn't allowed to actually touch my brother's power kites and he was away, I learned how to fly dual lines as a ten year old flying by myself. I cannot begin to guess how many times I set down my lines hoping the kite wouldn't fly away, set the kite up carefully resting on a tall weed, ran back over to the lines, and tried to launch. ... then after instantly crashing, setting the lines down, walking back across the field, carefully standing it back up, running back before it fell over, and attempting again.  This was before standoffs, and I had nobody to fly with, nor videos to watch.  

I keep the parafoil in my car and it sees occasional flight time. Last summer I flew with my brother who still has those flexifoils, while we occasionally traded off with my newer kites.  I keep that old simple 4' dual line kite in my kite bag for nostalgic reasons, the elastics and seams are basically dead.  I still have the old blue SpiderLine, though, it is spectra line that still works after 32 years.

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I was a BIG kid when I got my first kite two years back! I won't tell you my age, lets just say I'm over the hill!! I flew my first Rev in Seaside just a few weeks ago and I'm hooked!!

My wife and I took a trip to Cannon Beach Oregon after I passed my graduate oral exams. I bought a Cheetah, which was a small dual line kite that was popular as an impulse buy for beach goers at the

I flew my first kite when I was 7. It was a basic homemade diamond kite which I flew with my brother from the rooftop of our house when it was windy. There was once a local kite festival where I lived

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Peter Powell Stunt Kite in 1987 or 88. It had a plastic sail. I bought in at Kitty Hawk Kites In Nags Head, NC. I think it was $35 big money for an 11 year old. Loved that kite. I flew it until it just disintegrated.

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My grandfather built his own kites after the war in 1947 when he finished building his own home. (Yeah they made them different back then). He flew model planes and his own plane, he had a piper cub, anyway back to the kites. We built a modified box kite together in the early 90’s and I got featured in the local paper with it.

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Ok, I just got back into the joy of kites a few years ago. Like many, my first kite i remember flying was the Gala sky spy and bat kites. Probably not the first kite I tried to fly but the first kite that I actually flew!

Few years back I bought a kite for my daughter as a decoration for her room. Kind of a 3D head on it and very colorful. I took it out with her to try it out just to see how it would fly....?...hard left and crash. Oh well. 

Fast forward a few years and a trip to the Oregon coast. Found the New Port  kite store. My daughter liked the dragon kite Beauty. I ended up the next day with Beast. Great flyers, great fun and now I'm hooked as an adult. The wife has a high flying delta. Just ordered an 18m octopus kite I saw on YouTube. What was i thinking!!



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