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Hi All,

I am a relatively new flier, and have recently purchased an ITW Hydra to hopefully learn some tricks and further develop my flying skills. Previously I had been flying a Quantum, which has definitely seen some abuse on my part, which bring me to my question. Whenever I broke a part on my Quantum, I would just order the replacement part from Prism's online site, and I would usually order extras so that I could keep flying when I inevitably broke it again. However, when I was looking on ITW's site, I was unable to find replacement parts for the Hydra. How do all you experienced fliers repair your kites which do not have directly listed replacement parts online? I know that the parts in most stunt kites are standard carbon tubes, but I have no idea how to tell which ones are correct. Also, how do you deal with all the fittings and things like that which are attached? Do you have to re-attach them to the new spars or is there something I'm missing? I would like to be able to carry spares of parts which frequently break as I know that as I learn tricks I will likely break parts more often and would like to be able to keep flying when that does happen. I'm sure that this topic seems trivial to all you experienced fliers, but as a relative newbie I have no idea what to do.

Thanks for your time to help a new flier out.

PS: A bit of an unrelated question, but as I have been flying my Hydra, I've noticed that occasionally, the sail seems to pressurize/depressurize rapidly, which causes the kite to shake. I'm sure that this is just a combination of inconsistent winds and an inexperienced flier, but I would appreciate of someone could confirm that it is not the kite. Thanks again for your time.

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Call ITW, as they were the primary distributor. They know which parts they require. Sometimes they have an updated part number or use a different brand or generic part as years have passed since the kite was introduced. 


As for the shaking and power loss, what else is happening during the event? How does the wind change? What is the environment? Turbulence? Edge of wind window or the power zone or somewhere in between? 

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Figure out what carbon tubes and fittings the kite has and contact Kites and Fun Things in Michigan. John and Mary Anne Trennepoll will get you everything you need. They helped me reframe my Kymerra as a ultra light.


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 I've been flying the Hydra since last summer and have accumulated 3 of them so far. the only negative thing I have to say is there are only 2 colors. the shaking/pulsing sensation is something i notice when the wind is gusting or choppy. otherwise its a smooth flyer. if you're flying with the nose back on  the 2nd knot its more sensitive in higher winds.  so fly with  caution if the wind is in the teens till you get to know the kite.

I recently had to replace the female side of the lower spreader. (it had been cracked and was being flown with black electricians tape around the crack at the center T end for quite a while). i have some kites that use Sky Shark rods so i replaced the cracked Dynamics DT15 with a Sky Shark 3PT that i had on hand (one side only) and went flying. couldnt tell any difference. however there is a difference in outside diameter between the tubes, the Shark being a little smaller. to make up for that, i wrap a little black tape around the end at the leading edge connecter so it fits snugly. i also make a practice of wrapping the female end at the center T just in case- just one crack so far and one upper spreader i stepped on otherwise the Hydra is pretty tough.

If memory serves, A Wind Of Change had the Dynamic rods in stock; Kites And Fun Things has (actually makes) Sky Shark tubes, and Into The Wind has the main component  the Hydra

good luck Conware 717   dont be a stranger   kite flying is lonely  lol

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