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What's this part called?

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Sorry for the n00b question all. 

I'm looking to make my own kite, and I'd rather not use glue and tape to keep it together. 

On manufactured kites I've seen, the spars slot into a specific hole / socket / sheath on either side of the sail. What is the name of this, so I know what to look for when ordering parts? 

I've found the names for all of the other bits, just not that one! 


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Slot? into a specific hole? You may be referring to an end cap, but I'm only guessing. It would depend a great deal on the type of kite we're discussing. It would help pinpoint the item if you posted a photo of it indicating the specific item in question.

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I found a picture. It's not quite right, but you can see the spar slots into something 

Basically, I want to know how to fix the spar to the sail, without using just tape or glue which is going to break. There must be something like in the picture that I can buy, that can be securely fixed to the sail, but the spar can be slipped in and out of. 

I hope anyway! 


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the first rule of parts ordering?,...... if you need 2 pieces order two dozen, they may be discontinued soon!

oversized is "taped up" and undersized is "drilled out", you'll seldom get exactly what you want and you certainly need to explain to your retailer or supplier NO SUBSTITUTIONS if you don't have what was ordered

Put it in writing!

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When I order parts like this I order a few, 3,4 maybe 5 or 6, of the size I think I need and bigger and smaller that way I get what I need and then some. Also get some of the plastic C clips to hold them in place. I purchased several of each size smaller and bigger than I think I needed and it’s been handy having extra parts. Kites and Fun Things is where I purchase all firings and they sell Sky Shark rods too.

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