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Many of you know Oregon sport kiter Larry Clark, but not many know he has been in cancer treatment since early last fall.

Here is the latest news as told to our AOK president, Judy Brown. I am afraid there is no good news here, as we are about to lose another great friend.


Hello, kite fliers,

Wally Morry called me yesterday, to tell me that Larry is back in the hospital in Eugene.  I went to see him today, and took him a very nice bouquet and card from his AOK family.

They have found several tumors in his brain, and the doctors say there isn't anything else they can do for him.  Sharon, his wife, is working with the medical people to get hospice set up so they can take him home, and try to keep him a comfortable as possible.  He is heavily medicated, and only briefly knew that I was there.  I suspect his time remaining will be short, and that may be for the best.  Sharon said even with the medication, is is in pain.

I'll keep you posted as I get updates.  Please keep Larry and Sharon and their family in your prayers and thoughts.  If you want to send cards, probably his home address would be best.  it is 3524 Ocean View Dr, Florence, OR  97439

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I have been depressed all day since I read this. I kept hoping one of the cancer treatments would actually work. Larry has been a good friend and is always fun to be around.

This pic was taken at the festival he put on in Florence.



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Larry has been an encouraging and positive influence to me. He was there to nudge me into my first comp. He and Bill made me feel very welcome in the kiting community.

Larry is my nomination for KSOK.


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We're all so sorry to hear about Larry. Last summer we heard the bad news, but you always hope for the best. Larry did have a wonderful kiting spirit, and was an extrememly nice man. Our prayers are with him and Sharon both.

Please let Sharon know we want to see her at the kite festivals if she's up to it.



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Hi Folks,

Here is an update on our friend Larry. He is still with us just can't let go yet , part of that may be because the pain med iv that they have him on is keeping fluids in his body. Larry has not ate or drank on his own for several days. Larry is still here in Eugene at Hospital . For the most part he seems to be out of pain

Sharon has not gotten hardly any sleep in days . please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I tell Larry each day its ok for him to go soar with eagles.

I sure will miss him when he moves on.....

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From our AOK president Judy Brown, in Eugene OR.

Hello, friends,

Larry Clark passed away on Sunday, May 2.  I haven't heard from Sharon, but his death notice is in today's paper.  When I have more information about a service, I'll let you all know.  A Eugene funeral home is in charge of arrangements, so I assume the service will be here.

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Hi Everyone,

Yes are friend Larry has moved on , Sharon asked me to post in here and get the message out to everyone . Sharon said it was at 6:30 am Sunday which was the time Larry use to get up and have his coffee and check his emails one of his favorite times of the day . He was in no pain and Sharon said he went in peace.

Sharon is still not sure when or where she will have a memorial yet , We Talked about maybe doing something in Lincoln City at the kite fest and Brookings. Sharon will let us know as soon as she can.

I am really going to miss him....he was a great friend

Soar with Eagles,

Steve O'Brien

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