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SkyShark Response carbon tubes (Aug 1, 2020)

John Barresi

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We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers...

This month, Skydog Kites and Hang 'em High Fabrics have donated TWELVE classic SkyShark Response AirFrame carbon tubes, one of the earliest "super strong" tapered spars at a length of 32.5" and weighing in just under 19 grams each at full length, they are super smooth and super stiff... With the idea of possibly framing two or three high end sport kites, also included are six arrownocks and eleven ferrules, and these spars should serve particularly well as leading edges and / or bottom spreaders.

IMG_7061.JPG    IMG_7062.JPG

All 12 spars, 6 arrow nocks and 11 ferrules will go to a single winner, and we encourage you to research amongst classic fliers and even SkyShark themselves about these spars which as we understand it are no longer made, and we're not even sure of the exact era.


If you haven't done so already, You can sign up here.

Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/415, and will be drawn on August 1st, 2020!

Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin. ;)

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You center rod (straight tube) would just need to have a matching inner diameter.

That being said, as you know, I'm not a proponent of tapered rods in a quad, messes with the flex ratio imho.

Also, these spars are a bit too stiff for that application - they're really better suited to a good dual line, where you don't want the designed shape to distort - stiffer spars also help them wind "break" for stalls and slack line tricks.

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Great giveaway John,

these tubes are down spars only for SUL or standard sailed kites, PERFECT option easy to compare switching back and forth.  Someone is gonna inherit some irreplaceable items, discontinued decades ago.... RARE and DESIREABLE

the taper forces more weight forward resulting in a better glide when leading edge down doing field recovery

envy to the winner, PM me if you want to unload, trade, sell, donate to a worthy cause?


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Anyone got any "Response 12" sky shark tubes,

these giveaways are 19s so you can actually use 'em in shook-mesh weather, I do!


if you "cut 'em down",... to fit 1.5 shapes you cut the fat part and leave the skinny end whole. If you don't want the end-caps to rattle, you'll wrap the end of the spar with vinyl electrical tape )a couple of wraps is sufficient) I've done this for literally decades and love these tubes!

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Here are just some thoughts on these tubes.

They are indeed stiff if one looks at the weight alone at 19 grams (although weight alone may not be the only factor). The current Skyshark 5PTs are about 15 grams, and the 7PTs are listed as 20g. A Nitro Strong is 17.5 grams. So -- insofar as a dual line kite, that would possibly be more aimed at a higher wind configuration and/or a biiig kite, no?

My eight foot wingspan Benson SuperNova has 7PT lower spreaders, and that is very sturdy. For lighter winds I use 5PTs (with lighter meaning 10/12 kph (~6+ mph) and up on that kite, for me anyways).

Many of my UL kites sport 3PTs. Some of my SULs use 2PTs.

So: this prize consists of very special rods for very special projects.

Someone is going to be very lucky.


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Wayne won? I want a recount! Wayne's not supposed to win. EVER! The matrix is crumbling. The end is near. Everyone run and hide! 😲

Congratulations, Wayne. But seriously, how do you explain this phenomenon? Shift in the space/time continuum? Will this become known as the Dowler effect? 

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31 minutes ago, Wayne Dowler said:

Wait - I'm picking myself off the floor!! This spoils my perfect record!! I never win!!! Oh dear - the sky might be falling!!

It's because you missed your usual reminder..

20 hours ago, Wayne Dowler said:

That is my usual job. Must be falling down.....

@Wayne Dowler How prophetic.... Congrats on the win!!!

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