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Great to fly. A few hours on the line with one and I wanted to buy it... Until I looked closely at the specs. 

The leading edge doesn't break down, so it is a long kite put away. While it is fine for many people it means I cannot transport it without wedging it in diagonally against the side wall. I have re-measured my vehicle a bunch of ways, diagonally, secured halfway up a wall panel, etc. Make sure it fits in your bag and vehicle. 

If you have room, it flies like a dream. Soft and gentle when you need it, and a moment later handles yank-and-spank motions as graceful commands. 

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I will watch for that, I’m still a bit uncertain, trying to get more info, have read that some tricks like yo yo,s are hard to accomplish, and I want a kite to, learn more tricking with. I have been flying for pleasure for about twenty years but never really got to grips with tricking, apart from the basics.

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I have an orange UL version of the Badass, and like it a lot -- although tbh flying has been on the back burner with the pandemic and I feel like I am going on distant memory. It has a pretty good wind range, which suits my environment and air preference. Extremely well built.

The full length single piece spars were not an insurmountable problem for me, fortunately. But when I bought it from the North American distributor I got extra leading edge and spreader spars, to simplify sourcing them. Naturally, I have not needed them, but glad to have the ‘umbrella’ ;) 

You may have seen this comprehensive review of the standard, but in case not I attach the link. There are also some videos out there.


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I have read the review link, which has made me slow down a bit in purchasing another new kite.

Kites Ireland only have a gold Badass in stock, and I prefer the orange which I think only comes in the UL Version, or the Flouro green, so I am not rushing in feet first, having just had a not so good experience with the prism.

Generally in the past I have seen in the flesh or flown a kite before buying so again being cautious before shelling out my hard earned cash.

The review has left me with mixed feelings as I want to develope my tricking more, rather than just pleasure flying and dropping in the odd axle and stall,so don’t want something I have to fight with to yo yo etc.

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I was thinking this kite looks like a good option for carving fairly precise turns and directional pleasure flying. I am not really into the tricks yet though.

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