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What are the best Online videos, Learning Aids Hacks Tips etc for begineers and Wish I had seen or had access to that when starting?

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What and the Best & Most Essential Online Lessons and Videos. What Do you Wish you watched or learned why you started. As in:


  • Dos and Dont's
  • How to prevent Accidents or Problems
  • How to do things the Easy Way
  • What Order to Do things in.
  • The clear easy to follow Video





Ideally kid friendly



Now there is lots out there. Im Getting nephew a 1.3m  BQ4 Flux with Bar but also interested in hand loops. If aged 8 how does safe progress differ to if 18, How to Supervise a rookie kid.


You get the idea please.... Also could be a good idea to add a Permanent Archive admins along these lines.

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It's not easily possible to put together tutorials like that, as people want different things. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, and everyone learns differently.

There is no "Start Here To Learn Everything You Need" video. Instead you will need to watch many videos showing many topics.

For dual line, see the very first sticky topic under dual line forumStunt Kite Video Tutorials (dual line).

For quad line, see the forum section: Video Tutorials  The "sample tutorials" has 34 tutorials ranging from setup and assembly through intermediate level skills. Down below under "full index of tutorials" has links to many more, some require paid access to the site.

On 8/3/2020 at 12:15 PM, Spikey said:

If aged 8 how does safe progress differ to if 18, How to Supervise a rookie kid.

You supervise others first by learning how to fly yourself, then teaching others what you've already learned.  Or you start by learning together from the basics.  Videos like those linked to above give guidance, but there is no alternative for time on the lines. 

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