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new tech kites still in business?

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Does anyone know if NewTech Kites is still around?
I recently purchased a new-old stock Orion and the bridle promptly broke on the first flight. NTK was contacted via email and also voicemail but I haven't heard back from them in a couple weeks.


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With Covid all businesses are struggling. I don't see any shutdown on the website or the business Google map page, so maybe. 

Call mid morning during shop hours, about 11:00 central time, for the best odds of answering. You might also look up the other side of their business, New Tech Tennis, and call that number. The times I have been to their shop usually they are busy stringing rackets rather than handing kite sales, most of their kite business is online. 

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Following this with interest. I have a few older New Tech kites including some from the Dodd Gross design days but also more recent. I have not seen any new stuff from them for a while and did wonder...

Keep us posted.


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Just went to the shop to ask about spars, they are definitely open as there were five of us in the shop at the time.  They close in about 20 minutes if you see this right away. If you catch this later call during their business hours. The number I have is 1(512)250-9454

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