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Recommendation to replace Beetle 2100


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Hi all,

First post here.

I had a Beetle 2100 for about 20 years but lost it the other day. It was a really good kite and I'd like to replace it with something similar, robust but a bit more challenging. I think I'd like to maintain having a two line stunt kite and have seen some from Prism, HQ and CIM (who made the Beetle, I think).

I'm in the UK and have a budget of about £80.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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The budget is the biggest challenge. I would recommend something from Benson kites (http://bensonkites.com/) but you won't find anything at that price point. Maybe on the used market, but even that would be a stretch. The Prism Hypnotist would be a good choice for an all-around durable kite, but that would be a little above the price point, as well. Consider that a good kite will last more than 10 years, divide it out, and you will see that a quality kite doesn't cost that much per year. It is doubtful that anything in the low end will last for very long, or keep your interest. 

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