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Fast trickers?


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Looking for options in a trick kite that can do all the new and old school tricks (not that I can but I am learning) but, is on the faster end of things.  Am I right in assuming that if a model is identified as good for team flying it is probably a bit slower?? I am not 100% on that, just something that seems to go hand in hand with a kite that is described as "slower" according to the maker.  Does overall size of the sail have anything to help point me in the right direction or, shape of sail?  




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Look for something 7' or smaller.  Six foot kites are normally very quick, but there aren't many good ones out there at the moment.  Slightly higher aspect can be an indicator, too.  Benson Superfly and Deep Space, R-Sky KFX (a fave, but most in their "freestyle" category) and Level One Reloaded are all options.  It's unusual for a kite listed as pure freestyle or trick to be slow in anything but the lowest winds.  The tricky but slow kites are often classified "polyvalent", and this has been a popular category for a while now. 

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Get yourself a Prism Micron....now Neutrino.... Yes they can do all the "stuff".... but yikes. When I lived in the city I flew pairs with another Micron flier and that was sort of silly but fun for a bit. He was  an advanced "trick" flier and could do all the tricky bits on that kite.

Another good one if you can find it....is the old Psycho.....



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For fast tricking the deepspace is where it's at. Mainly because it won't do tricks slowly. I wouldn't say it's my favorite kite for this exact reason but it definitly has its place in the bag.

Even a lazy susans need to be done with intensity because of the shallow turtle.

It's a really great kite though if you want to trick quickly.

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