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True. Upgrade.

On 9/11/2020 at 10:43 AM, makatakam said:

Change for the sake of change? Seems more complicated and harder to distinguish components.

Updates are important for website stability and security, it had been quite a while. 😎

As for more complicated, etc, it's the same general reaction with every major update just like operating systems - it'll settle in for you with usage. 🙏🏻

Chat module stands alone, just haven't added the menu tag to the main template yet - it also needs an upgrade, will have to look at that before considering adding the forum menu again - it sees little to no use, not sure it's something I want to try to maintain moving forward.


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Some things don't need improvement or change. For instance the pin "icon" in front of the pinned topic was fine. Why make it so small that I can barely see it. I already had it magnified so I could see things as my eyesight gets worse. I can cope with and am not complaining about improvements. I know things evolve. I don't like extra work that wasn't necessary. It's like having to put a new roof on your house because they painted a new yellow stripe down the middle of the street that didn't have one before. I don't need the additional work or expense. I'm of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" frame of mind. I'm not looking for cuteness; I'm looking for function. A new coat of paint is good, but it's not needed if there's nothing wrong with the current coat. As an employer I would not be paying for the materials or labor costs of having my employees doing "busy work". I don't want busy; I want productive.

Sorry about this rant, but I see too much "busy work" lately in general throughout the world, and not enough of labor that produces desirable results.

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