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Small Djinn?


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I've been waiting for this question... 😂 

Short answer, no.

Kite Forge doesn't make "products" or "toys" for consumer use... Everything we make (and will make) fits specifically into use scenarios for me, Brett or our other house pilots, and the little quad kites just don't perform in any circumstance in such a way that is of any use to me (severe lack of natural precision) - no desire for a "wheeeee!" kite in the bag, we're all "drivers" or work directly with an incoming class of pilot (teaching skills).

The next items on the white board, in no particular order or timing...

  • Djinndoor (0-4 indoor / outdoor quad)
  • Full size dual line focused on balance of team / precision and tricks
  • Beginner quad line (same great performance, lower price point by way of material quality and reduced build details)
  • Beginner dual line line kite
  • Indoor single line glider
  • Kite bag
  • Dogstake unit

Truly, all designed to fill out our own quivers very specifically, then made available to those who connect with the same things or needs that we do. 🙏🏻

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24 minutes ago, Sardonycus said:

Hey John, 

I assumed that your redesign of the Rev 2 was a labor of love. Did you consider this project as only to broaden the customer base? Many people seem to love and enjoy it. 

I'm going to be painfully honest here... The "redesign" involved in both the B-Series and B2 were minimal, ultimately minor changes to the panel layout and curve of the leading edge... Sure it helped performance some, but I was never allowed much leeway in the end result other than aesthetics, Rev is a "kite company" and with all kite companies, most of their product entries are to stimulate that next wave of sales, not toward a "mean reason" on its own, takes "everyday pilots" to go there - it's the very reason I'm where I am today, to be able to actually apply all of the refinements we've developed and learned about.

16 minutes ago, edgerat said:

1. How dare you.

2. WHEEEEEEEE kites are the best!!!!  

3. Love yoooooooooo 🪁🤣

And this too is valid! But we'll leave it to other companies to produce these "fun" kites that don't have any true sport application or that don't further the true evolution of our pastime... To be enjoyed by a quite a few for sure, but that just ain't my bag - that's why you'll be able to trust everything we produce to be at a certain level, in every way.

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