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2 hours ago, Sardonycus said:

Hey Niell G, thanks for the info. I'm really curious about the meteor, but can find zero information on it. It's probably the most inexpensive quad on the market right now. Is the sail flat or does it have more of a 3D shape? 

When I was looking I didn't want to pay out on A Rev to find that I didn't get on with a Quad.  Looking on eBay and the UK online Shops I stumbled across the Meteor.  I couldn't find a Single Video if it in Flight but kind of fell for the Retro Black and White Colour Scheme.

Glad I got this to Try out Quad Line Flying, bit Windy today in Cambridge to go out and Play 😔


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On 10/3/2020 at 7:04 PM, Cot51stState said:

The Fulcrum can definitely provide a unique change of pace. It is currently one of the three kites I keep partially broken down in my truck with lines attached. I'm getting pretty consistent launching to rising fade and some things I don't have the vocabulary (or the background in freestyle tricks) to be able to describe.  

The fulcrum looks really cool. When you spend $400 on a Rev, you know what your getting. $400 on a fulcrum is kind of risky if you don't really connect with the kite. I'd love to try one before buying. 

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