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Howdy all.

My name is Bob and I live in the Oklahoma City area.

I'm retired military. Got started in kites on a trip to Seattle to do some software work with Boeing in 1991. I was on a 90 day TDY (temporary duty in Air Force speak) and was looking for something to do while I was there. Every beach and park was filled with kites, so I figured that was the in thing. I picked up a 6' Flexifoil Stacker and was in business. I liked it so much, the next week I went back and bought two more.

Right now in stunt kites I have the three Flexi's (yep, still have them), a Skynasaur Aerobat, a Fire Dart, and 2.7 meter Thunderfoil. 

Single line kites include a Star Box Kite, Cody Pro Box Kite, 6' Conyne Delta, HQ Power Sled 3.0, 9' ITW Leviatation Delta, and a Prism Bora 7 inbound via mail.

I'm going to be retiring in a couple years, so I'm whittling down the hobbies to the final 3 or 4 for retirement, and kites made the cut.

My screen name is Chilihead because I am into hot peppers. I grow my own Carolina Reapers and also have some White Bullets going this year. 

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