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Quad speed parafoil for a beginner

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You will have a hard time at the price point, if nothing else the kite line (which must be low stretch and able to slide freely over itself as the kite twists and turns) are often in the $80-100 range by themselves, and good handles are another expense. 

On the low budget end, the Cross Kites Quattro is in that range, it is no-frills beginner equipment with short lines, but comes ready to fly with kite, lines, and handles in the bag. The Flexifoil Sting quad is more of a power kite design but still small enough to be considered, yet at the top of the range. Offerings from HQ, Prism, Skydog, and others are outside your price range. 

Quad line parafoils can pull dangerously hard and are often classified as power kites, traction kites, or used in kite boarding and similar sports rather than as sport-class or speed-class kites. Most require some training and experience to operate safely. The CK Quattro is small enough it should be fine for beginners but still study the safety information and fly with an experienced buddy a few times if possible. 


Dual line parafoils have many more "sport" and "speed" size options in the price range, in part because you are paying 40-50 less for 2 lines instead of 4, and another 30-50 less for straps instead of strong quad line handles. 

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