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Rev 1.5 lime/black: REGULAR/SUL/SLE ?

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I got a Rev 1.5 from the wife and I am confused what kind of Rev it is. I find conflicting information on the web.

It was the last Rev 1.5 WITHOUT reflex, which could be found in a webshop in Germany, UK and Netherlands (please correct me if I am wrong!). I bought it blind without any picture and details :-)

The Rev comes with "3 Feathers Ultra Light" rods and a second frame set "2 Feathers Professional Use". The weight is 240 g/8.46 oz.

It is 
- a REGULAR 1.5? But then why is there a second set of rods named "SUL"?
- a SUL? The frame set says "SUL" on it. But didn't the SUL have a much lower weight of about 180 g/6 oz?
- a SLE? The color layout lime/black indicates this (Google image search). But then the imprint "SLE" should be on the sail, right?

Can you help?


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Looks like a regular 1.5 but the second frame is a bonus. Rev does use that pattern for their EXP series now but those have the Reflex IIRC.

My guess would be you have a regular Rev 1.5 with a spare frame. (nice bonus)

It's kind of hard to tell in the pic but it doesn't look like the extra frame has the green trim around the label.. If so, that is an even bigger bonus..

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Still a bonus frame is a good thing. 2 Feathers aka a 2-wrap is a good frame for low wind, especially if you have the non green trimmed version.. Hands down favorites among Rev fliers tend to be (in no specific order) Black Race, Green Race, Diamond and 2-wrap. Each has it''s strong points and weaknesses.  Use the 3-wrap to learn/gain proficiency/experiment.  Use the 2-wrap when the wind is low and you'll be amazed at how well you can tell the difference.. You are right, it's not a race frame BUT the race frame was designed to "give you most of the performance and stiffness of the 3 wrap while approaching the weight of the 2-wrap."

FWIW, I keep a 2 wrap frame in my Rev Ghost SUL.

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