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my fighting kite isn't stable


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hi guys i built a circular fighting kite following this plan https://www.kiteplans.org/planos/suay_afgana/suay_afgana.html but scaled down by 10cm, also i used carbon rods 

i have made a bigger version that files flawless ...the bigger one has thinner spars and is relatively lighter.. the small one i cannot fly because its a bit too instable...

how can i improve this? once it is up it goes to one direction and then either down and when i loosen the line instead of going up it spins too much and goes directly to other side making it impossible to control?

what could possibly improve stability in this kite?

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You can try putting a tail on it to add some stability. You'll have to experiment with the length to get it right. My best guess is that the stiffness of the spars in relation to surface area is causing the problem. Most likely the spars are too stiff.

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