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Prism 4d vs Kiaju by Kite Forge (outdoors- light winds)

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Hello all,

Wanted to see what you think about the choice between these two? I primarily would like to fly with 20'-30' lines outside in very light winds. I'm finding that the wind in my area is non-existent mostly. I know the 4d is primarily touted as a lightwind outdoor kite. But, how does the Kaiju do on 20' to 30' lines in the same capacity?

Thanks and happy flying.


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Never flown the Kaiju so not sure how that flys myself but have heard good things about it. 

I own the 4D. It flys really well in just about no wind. You can do zero wind if you want to keep walking but obviously its best in about 2-5 mph.

That being said it's a great kite to fly when nothing else will because it stays aloft very well in the slightest breeze.

However if you're leaning towards tricks or anything of the nature its not the most trick oriented kite. Though there is a gentlemen on YouTube that does phenomenal things with his 4D which are far beyond my skill set with the kite.

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