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Inverted flying and crashing


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If you have extended leaders try increasing your brake tuning to the point the kite is neutral in the air.  Then a more delicate touch (along with practice) will give you the reverse you are looking for.. I know it sounds counter intuitive (except for the practice point) but it's true..

IF you don't have extended leaders, that should be your next investment in your quad flying world..

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21 hours ago, lazrcub said:

 I think I may be using to much brake, reverse. Is this a set up problem or something I just have to get work out?

Might be either. 

When balanced to neutral flying positions, the lines take effort to move forward or back. It often takes less effort to back up than to move forward. 

As for control, that takes hours on the line. Inverted practice is not the only way to go. Practice going up then backing down, practice diagonally up and diagonally down, flying to one side then backing across the sky. 

Pulling too hard can cause the kite to bowtie, flip, or depower. That takes time on the line to learn how it feels, and how to react. Five or twenty hours focused on reverse flight can get you the experience.

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"Quad-effect " if you can only go forward and stall, the two bottom strings are no longer necessary.

properly tuned, the reverse flight should come almost effortlessly, in low wind or indoors you will be walking backwards to make this flight pattern.

dont be locked in position, you move and so does the kite. If you wait for wind you can sit down and enjoy, in reality the kite is overpowered

my lessons start with the kite inverted, how to cartwheel back to right side up, then people can operated independently w/o me asisting

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