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HQ Littrle Arrow Flying Lines

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Just a quick question, I have just bought a HQ Little Arrow and I was informed  that if I fly in very strong winds, I need to buy stronger lines as the ones that come with the Kite wouldn't be strong enough. If thats the case what would be the best lines to get and length ?


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The lines that come with it are good to 8bft. That's 46mph wind. If you can stay on your feet in 46mph wind, would you really want to have all that flying debris hitting the back of your head? I have flown in 40mph wind. For about five minutes. Gave up and headed for the bar. It's a rush and entertaining for about 5 minutes. After that you just want to go inside.

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From the specs it looks like it ships with 90# 80ft lines, which are quite common. (Or 40kp 25m if you prefer.) 

Eventually you will get a large collection of both line lengths and strengths, but that is a good set to start with.

Think about what that means, pulling 90 pounds on each arm maximum. For most people that kind of pull ranges from uncomfortable to stronger than them.  

A few kites recommend 150# for strong winds, and power kites often use 300# or stronger, but at that point you're looking either for man lifting with body tethers or for anchored flight, and not for casual flying.

Eventually you'll likely have a range in your bag, from 30# short lines for super ultralight kites on calm days, to 50# and 90# for everyday flying, and 150# and possibly even a set of 300# for kites designed to drag you around. But most days you'll be using 90# or similar for casual flying.

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I actually flew an HQ Arrow last summer in about 45 mph wind. It's the full size, not the little arrow. 

There's no hope of standing at all haha.

It drug me down the field and showed no mercy. It's a blast to do every once in a while. That kite is lightening fast.

It did however eventually snap one upper bridal leg, which put the remaining load on on the outer spreader which of course snapped the lower leading edge, lower spreader, and ripped the sail a bit. 🤕All repaired now though.

Those arrow kites are kind of a pain though. The standoffs are so short and the sail is so shallow that getting it launched and sail loaded can be somewhat tricky.


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