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Level One Matrix Kite line?

Alex D

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1 hour ago, Zuul said:

It’s nice enough for a while, but mine wore quickly and got pretty gritty feeling.  I prefer both Laser Pro Gold and SkyBond.  Matrix is better than most cheap spectra line sets, though.  

Isn't LPG also a Spectra line? I thought there is really only one compound for kite line and Dyneema and Spectra are the very similar just from different manufacturers. Dyneema in Europe and Spectra in US?


https://rigworks.com/yacht-rigging-services-in-san-diego/running-rigging/dyneema-and-spectra-lines/#:~:text=Dyneema has a slightly different,gaining popularity in the US.

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Any difference you felt is due to how they were braided and coated (or not coated).  LPG are my softest lines because they are not coated.  Skybond are very stiff because of the waxing yellow coating.  Both are Spectra.  Matrix lines are somewhere in between (but closer to Skybond) and are not Spectra trademarked material.

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I find that LPG is the best as far as longevity is concerned. They wear very well. Skybond has great slickness and visiblity, though the yellow color fades quickly. It depends on what you want at the moment. I use both. If I could only have one, I would go with LPG. You will hear the opposite from others. So, if you choose one of these two you'll have chosen well.

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On 12/19/2020 at 4:26 PM, Alex D said:

I got a set of 75" x 90#  Matrix Line from Level One for my sons Kites this Xmas. Great store with great service!  What do you think of this line compared to Dyneema/Spectra line?


I got a set of Matrix (this very size) when I bought my Badass and have been generally happy with the string, so far. Haven't used the line extensively yet, but have noticed that the orange has faded a little in the higher friction areas, and even leached somewhat onto the white sleeving a wee bit. Performance-wise, I rarely twist it up more than 3/4 times. May be some binding noticeable with max twists.

For the price, not a bad line.

(I do have to ask: whadja get for the sons from Level One? Any new kites? Hunh? Hunh?  😉 )


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I have used Skybond for the last 2 years as it was recommended to me when i first started and have had no problems BUT I am now trying to buy a spool (1000 ft 100lb) and I am not able to find any! LPG and Spectra are the other two that I am seeing talked about here. Are they as hard to come by now as Skybond? Where is a good place to buy line? I have been dealing with Flying Smiles and like the people and the service.

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On 8/26/2021 at 12:10 AM, Brad Morris said:

LPG and Spectra are the other two that I am seeing talked about here.

Repeating some terminology from above so hopefully you (and those who follow after) can use terms a little better.

Spectra and Dyneema are trademark names for the underlying polyethylene material. ALL the line sets discussed above (Matrix line, Laser Pro Gold, Shanti Skybond, Shanti Warp Speed) ALL of them are line sets made from the underlying polyethylene material.  Different companies form the material into different weaves and different coatings, so their various brand names differentiate them. You can also buy generic non-branded Spectra and Dyneema. My first experience was with SpiderLine Spectra line, and I've still got some of that blue stuff in my kite bag.

Spectra and Dyneema are trademarks for the polyethylene fibers, and the fibers are used in many products including kite lines, fishing lines, and ropes. Laser Pro Gold, Shanti Skybond, Shanti Warp Speed, Level One Matrix, all of these are trademark names for individual brands of kite line with their own particular fiber layout, weave, and coatings. You can also get Spectra and Dyneema lines from other manufacturers, either as store brands or no-name brands.

As a parallel, you might have a manufacturer buy DuPont branded fiberglass or 3M branded fiberglass, or fiberglass from a smaller less-known company. Then you could turn that fiberglass into Owens Corning R3 Fiberglass insulation, or turn that fiberglass into Goodwinds Fiberglass Rods, or turn that fiberglass into USBody Fiberglass Automotive Body Panels. One set of names refers to the underlying materials, another set of names refers to their finished kite line products.

On 8/26/2021 at 12:10 AM, Brad Morris said:

Where is a good place to buy line? I have been dealing with Flying Smiles and like the people and the service.

A difficulty is that the companies use distribution networks rather than selling directly to consumers. You need to find stores that sell the products or are authorized to sell it and order through them. Even if they don't have bulk spools listed on their web site they likely either have spools of it in the stock room or can order some to be shipped directly to your home with drop shipping.

The Kite Shoppe sells LPG but doesn't sell bulk on their website. Call. (They're a site sponsor.)

Highline Kites also sell Skybond and generic Spectra/Dynema, call about buying spools. (They're also a site sponsor.)

KiteForge now is an authorized LPG reseller, probably fastest to send John a direct message asking about a spool.

A Wind Of Change sells bulk spools on their website: bulk LPG, Skybond, and Warp Speed

Kites And Fun Things sells Shanti Skybond, Warp Speed, and generic Spectra/Dyneema, call about a spool.

Flying Smiles you're already familiar with, they can get a lot of things. Many other kite stores stock it or are authorized resellers for the various brands and can order it special for you. 

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