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Hi All,

I've been out of the kiting game for quite a while and while I usually will bring at least a single line kite with me when I go to the coast (or most anywhere really), I recently brought my whole bag with me and quickly remembered how poor of shape all of my stunt kites are in. The one that did fly (Level Two Sunrise), unfortunately quickly broke as the connectors have become brittle in storage. I live in Portland, OR and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good shop either near me or online where I could get a bunch of parts, rods, connectors, patches etc... I'm really looking forward to getting back into one of my favorite hobbies.

Oh and also I remembered I (stupidly) sold my favorite kite - the Benson Gemini - are these available in the US or do you have to order them from Benson? Anyone have one in decent shape that they want to get rid of?

Thanks much,


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hi Woody,welcome

the best place locally for kite parts is Theresa at The Kite Shoppe, in Vancouver (online sales) 

she may have a line on a used Gemini. i know a guy with one for sale but hes pretty private and wont be back up here (Long Beach) till May. 

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Thanks so much Bob, I just found the website, looks like they have a TON of stuff. Perfect.

I'll have to give Theresa a call to say hi.

Thanks again, I'm looking forward to getting my kites back up and flying!



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