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Multiple Yoyos

Mike Eibey

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I've been getting a good amount of fly time on my new deepspace and have been very impressed with the kite. It flys so well when wrapped up in yoyos I assume because of the rolls bars helping keep the sail stretched. Really an awesome kite.

Getting the yoyos at the top of the wind window are very typical feeling and are pretty much on par compared to other kites. 

I'm struggling though getting multiple yoyos lower in the wind window. The first yoyo I can setup with 2 pops. (Slack to get a slight turtle, small pop to lay the nose forward nearly touching the lines, 2nd pop to send the kite backwards through the turtle position and into a full wrap)

Obviously that method doesn't work to get a second yoyo because it trigger the unroll process. 

I'm assuming I need to get more slack for any proceeding yoyos but can't seem to get enough slack quick enough to get any multiple yoyos. 

Does anyone have any advice for this. Do I need to get the kite stalled before the second attempt?

Once wrapped once, I tend to try for the next yoyo by bringing my hands as far back as possible, giving a pop with my wrists, and lunging forward while throwing my hands forward but usually get a little tension in the lines right about the turtle position.

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