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Supernova, Nirvana, Lam

Mike Eibey

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Currently own a Deepspace std, Lam Dream Machine Sul, a flying wings Soul, and a few lesser flown kites. 

The Deepspace and Dream Machine are both awesome kites but I will say worlds apart in flying style. As I click with the soul more it's becoming more enjoyable of a kite.

The deepspace is a yoyo over achiever, the Dream machine really, for me, shines with turtle based moves.

Looking to get another kite possibly in the UL area but not set on that.

Has anyone flown the Benson Supernova, any Nirvana, Level One badass, or any kites in this realm that can provide a good word word for one.

My main thing I want to find is a kite that has a deeper turtle, does well when wrapped on in yoyos, and has a fairly stable fade.

Very interested in the Supernova and Nirvana.


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I dont know if you're interested in used kites but I'll put in a good word for used rather than new cause learning tricks is rough on new kites... I picked up several used kites last summer that might work for you. ( I'm not planning to sell any but you're welcome to try them out). The Level 1 Genesis probly a mid 2000's kite is a good allround trickster, its a standard,  specially good at holding a fade which was my obsession at the time, does turtles just fine...another allrounder is the Flying Wings Silver Fox 2.2 std, a Lam redesign from 2018. (you flew its vented brother at Brown's Point) as Cerfvoliste mentioned the Fearless, and just about anything Lam will do what you want...if you dont mind used so much the better. Probly the best allrounder i've flown is the Prism Q Pro. that kite has it all... when the weather straightens up i'll fly them a bit and put em through the few turtle based tricks i know and get back to you with a little more info. 


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I'm always interested in used kites. Haha

I bought a flying wings soul from another member on here that I have to admit I really didn't like in light wind but from 7-15 it's actually a pretty good kite.

That vented silverfox you have is awesome. I've wanted to grab a vented but haven't pulled the trigger on one yet but after flying yours that's probably the vented I would buy.

I have to admit I was really considering buying a supernova because I absolutely love the deepspace but the turtle is very shallow on it which does make certain tricks hard. Any turtle related tricks need a very deliberate turtle throw to get the kite to go deeper than it will naturally sit in the turtle. The Benson quality is just outstanding though.

I just pulled the trigger on a Nirvana 3E std the other day. Had alot of sidework coming at me so I figured I had earned it.

I've been watching the weather at the coast looking for some dry spots to go out to ocean shores. We'll definitly have to do that. I want a full day on trying to work on kite tricks. 

You're always welcome to fly whatever I have as well. You may love the deepspace, what you give up on turtle depth you make up for in yoyo based tricks ten fold. The soul is good at nearly everything but it's a pig when the wind gets low.

I'm very excited for the nirvana though so when that comes in you can definilty fly that as long as you could ever want.

I'm always down to swap kites for the day!

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Congrats on the 3E! i have to admit i know almost nothing about Nirvanas...how did  you narrow it down to that model? 

the elusive Ocean Shores trip, when it happens, will be epic...i get to try your Deepspace and Nirvana...woohoo!

just a thought: maybe other flyers from the forum would like to join in on the Ocean Shores trip?


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Yeah that would be cool. We'll have to watch the weather and when we see a dry spot try to plan it that week for a Saturday.

I think the main thing that made me decide on that model was wanting to try an R-sky kite but wanting to just get the latest model assuming they'd made any improvements they could on the earlier models. 

I also bought it in the full nitro model after reading a review a version with that spar setup. I figure if I bought the kite with the non nitro original skyshark rods I'd always be wondering what the next model up would be like so I just spent an extra 50 bucks or so and got the top of the line version.

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I wish I hadn't have ordered that nirvana in the nitro version. I mean the kite is really good. But the nitro rods don't seem to be all the amazing. The lower spreader has broke twice both times about 2 or 3 seconds into flight in 5-10 mph winds.

Luckily both times my deepspace spreaders worked fine as temporary replacements but I'd expect more from such expensive rods. 

I'm not going to reframe the entire kite but I'm going to make some new 5pt lower spreaders for it along with one last set of nitro spreaders. 


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I have no idea why you should be having problems with nitros.  I have several kites with nitro LS and never had a problem with them.

The only trick that should really stress the LSs is doing cyniques and there is absolutely no reason for them to fail 2-3 seconds into flight in 5-10 mph winds.

If you are going to swap them out for 5PT, I would suggest going for the Black Diamond variant as they are sanded smooth and won't damage the bridle as much.

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I'm not sure if it's just the nirvana puts you much strain on the center t and spreaders at that connection or if I've gotten 2 bad spars back to back. 

I first thought it must have been a bad cut, but once I replaced the first broken one with a new one that I cut on the opposite end (small end) and then added electrical tape to the large end to strengthen the ferruled section.

Still broke immediately at the ferrule twice. 

I even tapered the ferrules end to spread the load out slightly.

Maybe they glued the ferrule in too deep? It's always the non glued side breaking.

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I made another lower nitro spreader and put a serious taper on the ferrule going into it. Both spreaders broke just beyond the ferrule each time.

This seemed to cure the problem. I out about 4 hours on the kite today really getting after it hard and didn't have one problem. 

It may have just been really dumb luck. All seems to be good now!

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