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Rainbow Stunt Kite(s)

I am looking for Rainbow Stunt Kites. All colors. The Rainbow Stunt kite company was started by Steve Edeiken. I am looking to add to my single kite. Any information is appreciated.

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    The Rainbow Kite Company
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    Rainbow Stunt Kite


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Hope you find some, they are a BLAST to fly as a stack. Lots of little kites actually pull pretty hard, too !


This is a picture of a friend's stack that I got to fly...


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Hello,  I wanted to give you all a little history of the Rainbow Kite company from my perspective   I met Steve Edeiken in the late 70's when he was flying his newly invented Rainbow Stunt Kite on Venice Beach,CA.   Steve was a wonderful friendly,enthusiastic entrepreneur and loved flying his kites.   I was enthralled with his kites and we became friends.  At the time I produced TV commercials for a large advertising agency, and I enlisted Steve to participate in a Peter Pan Peanut Butter commercial performing with a 24 stacked Rainbow kite.   He performed brilliantly and gifted me with a personal stack (12) of Pink and Black stunt kites.   Steve and I stayed in touch until his death.   My recollection is that Steve died launching a 40' kite at a kite show in Washington/Oregon in the early 80's.   Twenty people collectively launched the gigantic kite and Steve got his feet caught in the rope/stings and was lifted off the ground hanging upside down 100 feet in the air.   The controllers/launchers could not bring the kite down because the wind was so strong and Steve was left dangling by his legs and feet until he dropped to his death in 1983.  I'm sure all of you know the sad story.  

I have flown Steve's original kites all over the world in my 40 years of travels and the experience always brings children running to enjoying the experience of trying to catch the tails as they zoom above their heads.     I live in Guatemala now and still spin his original kites with great memories of Steve and his enthusiasm.   I lost touch with his wife Cindy, and his business, but glad to see some enthusiasts are still flying the Rainbow Stunt kite.     Keep Spinning.  

G.Kaney.    Antigua, Guatemala

I have photos of Steve's original gift kites to share.   Can't seem to attach them to this message


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