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End of an Era - R-Sky

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Sad news from France.  Roger and Tessa have decided to pull out of the dual line market:

25 years old!
Captain Tricks, Major, Feeling, Cyrius, Histrion, Eden, Maya, Queen Maya, Frezy, Opium, Nirvana, Jordana, Krystal, KFX, NFX, Hobby, Essenciel, Fifteen, Krystal, Shooter, Blvd 'X, Shift, Bird' X, Unik, Next, K07, NSE, Manga, NFX Sport, Wao, Initial, Toxic, Extend, Diablis, Vision, Still, KSE, N3E and all their wind declinations. Bars, Icone, R-tube, accessories...
25 years of projects, creations, design, competitions, challenges, 25 years of victories, emotion, passion, 25 years of sharing and happiness with you!
Today the kite is different, we helped it grow, we helped it build itself with all the energy that characterizes us.
But the challenges have moved away. The lack of motivation, enthusiasm, the general level down, the desertion of riders, non-existent manufacturers, mass closed shops, a federation not very inclined to modernity, to make this sport, a great sport, do not we don't even believe that this could happen one day.
So we decided to stop the production of acrobatic kites.
However, our passion remains intact, and we will use our energy to other aspects of kites, event organizing, competition and producing large kites.
Naturally, the wind and kite experience will have led us to the decoration of the street skies of city centers, and aerial architecture will be part of our upcoming activities
We are also working on the creation of ephemeral museums of sculptures on intra-muros sand.
It is with great pleasure that we will meet you on our next organizations.
25 years of emotions, with a team and riders we deeply loved and still love.
A big page is turning for R-SKY, however, with still some great ideas in the boxes...
Thank you all for participating near or far in this great adventure.
Roger and Sylvie

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Oh, my. I'd better sit down and think about that awhile.

Have derived good pleasure from some of their offerings.  The Nirvana in particular was a landmark for me but there are others, too. Along with some perhaps not so much.

The end of an era in that corner of the kite world.

I offer up heartfelt thanks, for everything.



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THANK YOU for your creations, for your flying dreams and for joy to let us play with them,  I perfectly understand your reasons to stop. is unbelievable how much human species regressed in the past 10-20 years. Kids are not kids, teenagers preferer confinement spaces and young adults enjoy more the clubs and do nothing. Is sad to realize that almost all outdoor activities soon will be just remembered by some and practiced by almost nobody   

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There was a time that the Nirvana was THE sportkite. I've gotten to fly them, but somehow one never made it into my bag.

As with many things, I guess I always had time. I guess not...

Put that on a list with Focus  kites and Sturdy kites as well.

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