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SUL and Super Custom from Los Hermanos

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Los Hermanos (esste.com) have released a Super Ultra Light (SUL) for their Detox 2019 series. I've had mine for a few days now.

The SUL has a size of 244 x 76 cm. So it's a bit lower than the other Detox. The weight with spars is 145g.

The leading edge is made of spinnaker and fitted with Sky Shark 2P. The verticals are made of conical Sky Shark 2PT. The end caps are adapted accordingly: Top (LE) small opening, bottom (wingtip) larger opening.

The end caps are of their own high quality and are not very bulky. As usual, the LE is not tensioned with rubber, but with Detox's own string system (but without the additional endcap).

The bridle is a half bridle, i.e. the upper and lower bridle lines are not connected.

I have not yet had the opportunity to fly the SUL extensively (strong gusts). The recommended wind range is 0 - 4 mph. Although the first tests have also been flown at up to 9 mph.

But I really like the first impression: The quality of craftsmanship is top. The SUL makes a very fragile impression on the ground. Super light! In the air, however, it is stable, precise and reacts directly.

But what @John Barresi does with his Djinndoor (prototype), I wouldn't put the SUL through that. That's fine - then this option remains open and eagerly awaited :D


By the way: I also had two printed kites made by Los Hermanos at the same time. A Rokkaku 1.5 and a Quad Super Custom. The print on both sails is really great.

As far as I know, there are two suppliers (for us here in Europe) who have sails printed: Los Hermanos in Spain and Polo in China.

Quad Super Custom flies similarly to my Rev 1.5 John Barresi STD. Great!  I am excited about it.



Pictures of all kites can be found in my album: gallery/album/487-bundukivlieger/

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Good looking kites. Particularly interested in your assessment of the SUL once you get a chance to fly it more in lower winds.  It looks a step up from a straight indoor kite, which means possibly more structurally stable I would think -- but how low can you go and still have fun? Without working TOO much!


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had some nice conversations with Pedro about quads, reinforcing and wear as it relates to a flailer.  

As you may be aware, I don't fly like most folks, way harder on my stuff, "spanked hard and then put away wet" is my motto!  Anyway, my kites are reinforced beyond "stock" when ordered (for a decade at least) so the only wear-out point or at least the first encountered is the trailing edge.  Flick-flak, falling leaf and clam-shell roll-up tricks all force the flying line to abrasion along the trailing edge when round-up into the stings or unwound.  

I've furnished some photos of the damage (even of the repairs) and shared some mutually rewarding comments with him about the Detox.  Great kites are being built all around the world now for all of us to enjoy.  I look forward to experiencing one for myself (of course w/my own choice of framing, bridle and the addition of magic sticks)

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It took a while, but now I have made my peace with the string tension on the LE. In fact, I am not becoming a fan of it - but I can live with it. 

The flight characteristics in low wind were already impressive. I have many kites now and the SUL is really a useful addition for the lower wind range.

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Am I right to say there is no vented strip between the kite and the leading edge? I know with low wind there will be no difference, but in higher wind I don't know. 

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