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Axle tutorial


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Thank you for this! It provided incentive for me to give it a try. The long arm movements, together with slack line management proved to be the key and my success rate improved with repetition, as one might expect. It gave me a chance to try it with my shorter 33 foot lines, which I suspect may be of some assistance for early attempts.

As a side note, I am also drawing attention to the spelling of the word “axle“ in order that anyone doing a search on this site might also be drawn to the alternate spelling, axel. I understand that this latter name is based on the figure skating move similarly named involving a jump and completing a type of spin around the axis. As I understand it, it was named after Axel Paulson, the Norwegian figure skater who invented, or made popular, the move in the late 1800s. I am Canadian, so I know about this stuff 🙂





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Actually "axel" is the proper term. Axle would be the common alternate.

Same goes for "Bridles" commonly mistaken as "Bridals".. Bridles is the correct term.


Spelling of these terms also seems to vary regionally.

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So cool my video gave you some impetus to go out and try, that’s the great thing about the kite community we inspire each other.


As to the spelling I live in the UK, the word axle, “the original, Middle English word for axle was axle-tree, which came from a combination of the Old Norse word oxhull and the old English eax, both of which mean “axis”, or “line around which the body rotates”.


As opposed to Axel which is a real old religious name, meaning “father is peace”.


Spelling differences come up all the time in the kiting world, differences in language worldwide, I will keep spelling it “axle”.


It’s all for the love of kites🙏🧡

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