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Crescent City, Cal Labor Day Festival Canceled

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Got an email from now past president of Rogue Valley Windchasers here is what she said

Dear friends,

  It is with a sad heart that I must inform you that there will NOT be a 2004 Crescent City Kite Festival. Do to the loss of funding and total ambivalence on the part of the City we have been forced to cancel the festival. We had a great run and the festival was a great success in part do to your participation.

  The windchasers, the festival committee and mostly myself would like to thank you for all your help and joy you brought to the event.

  The windchasers will be having there usual first weekend of the month fun fly on that same weekend. We would love it if you could find the time to come down and play with us. it was fun while it lasted and I'm sure we will see you at other festivals in the area.

Keep the sprit up and the wind at your back

Debbie Smith

Former festival director

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What a shame Debbie. :o As a new festival it drew quite a crowed and was growing each year. What a beautiful spot for a festival it is.

Thank you for having me down, :) I'll miss playing with everyone down there.

I wonder if festival's like Brookings experienced a similar type of problem when they started.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Wind Chasers at Brookings, and hopefully Betty will keep sending out their photo albums. :o

You all chase some of that wind up here to WSKIF in August. :(

Thanks again for all you, Larry and the Wind Chasers did to put on a wonderful picture. And that's no Bol! :o

Best Breezes,


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