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Kites stored in vehicle during the summer

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Was wondering about leaving a new Rev Exp in the vehicle during the summer flying season just in case an opportunity to fly presents. I live in SE Michigan, temps can get to the mid to upper 90's. What effects would the heat have on the 3 wrap shafts and nylon sail?



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No effects due to heat (or winter cold), but having it with you comes with a dramatically increased chance of flying.  Take the opportunity when you can, even if that means stopping at a park on your way home, or pulling off the side of the road on a long country drive.

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Thanks for both replies, that was my plan to have it with me just in case an opportunity became available. I already have a 2 line foil in the Jeep just wasn't sure about a framed Kite. 

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In transit you only need a couple of kites to more or less cover all the wind ranges. However it is nice to have a whole bag and this also provides more justification for more kites...;)

Until this past year I toured as a musician for many many moons and kites always came along in all seasons. No probs at all....just had to make sure they didn't get wet. 

The last few years have been perfect for keeping kites in travelling unit(s) especially with 0 wind glider kites. As a drummer by trade, I keep an iFlite in every stick bag. Revs are great because of travel frames and with interchangeable frames you don't need many sails. I took the aforementioned iflite's, a Prism Zero G, and a mid vented Rev 1.5 with a both a 2 wrap and a 3 wrap travel frame. Handles and a few linesets and voila....a small touring kite ensemble. 

Of course if driving locally(ish) I would keep more more in the car but when at home my flying spot is across the street...lol. I wouldn't leave any not broken down dualies in a small vehicle though.

Besides the kites are a lot tougher than us....well me anyway. I've seen kites being flown in the snow....not me...no way....I ain't (that) tough.


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