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Is Karma Dead or worth saving?

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Is Karma Dead? We have all been impacted by things way beyond the norm over the last year. Our last Karma drawing was well over a year ago and even then the last 3 attempts to have a Karma drawing had no takers.

Is there still an interest in Karma drawings? KiteLife's Karma Drawings have had ups and downs with some hugely popular drawings and some not as much but to my knowledge, this has been the longest period of no action in the history of Karma Drawings.

This is an open discussion so please share your thoughts and insights on if this tradition should be carried forward and if so how do we keep it alive?

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and just my thoughts on a response for discussion.   
 Do we need to set guidance or somehow note that if no takers by drawing time, then a different item or combination of items must be offered until there is interest?
 Longer Timelines?

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I have not seen many items I wanted to join in. For the few I was interested in, many others were too. 

There are many posts of people cleaning the closet and posting items they never flew, new in original packaging, or only lightly used. I don't have that, I use everything I have. I think mostly I could offer a gift card, rather than a closet full of items to pass along. 

Combined and for me personally the drawings don't work. 


Don't get me wrong, I like that they happen, but I feel it is difficult to participate unless you are already knee deep in gear and have more than you can use. There is little for newcomers or those with a small bag of gear. If there were a way to address it, a way to pass along the good will without already having a pile of gear ready to part with, I would want to participate more. 


Is there a way to get it more inclusive?

I think of people who are able to gift equipment to those who would use it, but it doesn't work well with "pay it forward" while within the kite world. I recall some drawings where the winners offered kitelife.com subscriptions and gift cards to kite stores, that type of seeding the pot back up could help. I don't know how it might work, though. 

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