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Rev EXP stock frame?


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Anyone know what frame comes in the standard Rev EXP?  I've attached pics of the frame (silver sticker) and the spar (green sticker). Can someone please tell me what I have?? Lol - I know, what a noob! 😂. Can that spar be used as a frame? They appear to be the same length. I'm wondering because I also picked up a 3winds UL for those low winds days (it's truly fantastic!) and I was wondering about switching or mix/matching frames, compatibility, etc., with either these kites or future kites, stuff like that. Especially in case I buy a frame only kite in the future to keep costs down. Oh, and I've got a freilein mid vent on the way because I'm quickly descending into the madness.



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Unless the more recent ones have changed, the EXP rods are 'three wrap'. And the vertical rods *can* be used in the leading edge of the EXP. (If there is a spring it will of course have to be removed.).  Also, you can mix and match with certain of the other 1.5 type Revolution kites, in my experience. BTW, there's some interesting history on Rev rods by John Mitchell here (see also his other stuff):


Once you start swapping brands, I have not tried it -- but if the ferrules in the leading edge accept the 'foreign' rod I see no reason why not, assuming the rod length is similar. Have no experience with the 3Winds myself but if the leading edge length is the same and the fittings work (fit) then yes, you might be able to use the EXP LE in the UL to give you a higher wind option. Try measuring and report back!

I have 2, 3 and 4 wrap rods I mix and match on my Revs according to whim and wind conditions, and plan to do so on my Freileins in due course.

Of course you could also make up your own frames or partial frames with some Skyshark P-series or whatnot. I have played around with P90s and P200s this way in some rev style kites. Do a search on here for that perhaps if that is of interest.


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3 wraps in the exp,…. So it is durable for yourself and others pilots just taking off

yes you can mix frames, right now as three pieces for the LE, later (after breaking some tubes) consider a six piece leading edge, altering the stiffness and determining how it impacts the flight dynamics.  Most quadlined kites bend in the middle first, so you could make that area only stiffer.

maybe you want it really flexible (@ the center of LE) to cup air pressure more, working on low wind and slack-lined tricks

yes you can mix brands too, P-90s with GReen race, a hybrid frame

i fly with tapered down spars on the verticals,… thick part next to LE

 you could fly your mid vent framed light and flexible, and the EXP framed heavy and stiff,…. In the same wind conditions, comparing your own tuned equipment,… when is one better than the other? What about tomorrow, does your opinion change?

you are developing your own feel, which will influence future purchases, make em all fly the way you desire, so adjustable, so much fun to experiment

enjoy and share your experiences please

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