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Large kite deflation techniques

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I just ordered a large "trilobite" kite as seen on ebay kite Amazon.. 


And I have concerns about the lift being too strong to pull down using my spool/reel or by hand pulling.

I have a 26' octopus that is quite a bit of work to bring down in a fair breeze, and this new trilobite is going to be 2-3x larger than that...

Had anyone ever experimented with adding a "choke" line that closes the airfoil openings?


What are your techniques for bringing down larger kites? 


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a chocker will not work to good if the kite is not have openings in the back to lose the presure. Trilobites are an inflatable sled and have that opening but is not hard (is an work out yes) with a reel or carabine on the tow line especialy becose is not fly at to a high angle, most of them are are fly somwere at 55-60 degree witch is makeing resonable to be bring down.

what line strengt is recomanded for that trilobit? 600, 1000 ? if is not 1500 you will be able to bring him down alone without any proablems 

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