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On 8/23/2021 at 12:24 PM, viper_147 said:

Is there some personal safety equipment like an SOS button that alarms people and send your location when you're in trouble? I can imagine that kiting in open water can be dangerous.

Not directly, no. Having friends can help you get to shore, and then someone with a dry phone can call emergency systems. It is critical that you know how to self-rescue for anything on open water.

Since it seems you're asking about kiteboarding, go with friends, always wear proper safety gear, and always make sure you know what you're doing BEFORE you go out. Learn how to fly, control your kite, depower, repower, and otherwise control everything while on dry ground, then add the complexity of doing it on water with the help of experienced friends. Know your safety equipment and be proficient at using it.

Repeating a third time because it is absolutely critical: Practice how to self-rescue before you enter water. It should be practiced until it is automatic. Know how to depower, regain equipment while swimming supported by a life vest, and relaunch. These kites come with multiple safety systems, be comfortable releasing the bar, immediately grabbing the chicken loop, and then immediately grabbing the leash eject. You need to have it down pat so that even if you're out of control, confused, head underwater, or otherwise in a panic you can engage each safety immediately and without hesitation.


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