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Fulcrum.85 is out👍


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Yesterday was the official release of the Fulcrum.85 A video was released earlier in the week as well. I had pre ordered a Gold, Orange and Red one. Jon put it together yesterday morning and I picked it up yesterday afternoon. I headed out to the park right after, winds were lite so I put in the UL spars and got a little air time. 

The logo is printed on the bags not a decal. 

Well worth the wait, it Flys wonderfully.

Fulcrum 85.jpgFulcrum 85 sig.jpgBag.jpg

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  • Outlaw changed the title to Fulcrum.85 is out👍

I went with the black and grey sail. I have a couple other kites in those colors.

Mine pulled pretty hard but I was probably pushing the limits wind wise.

I have a set of OSK handles; I think you mentioned somewhere that you do too. Where are you attaching your upper and lower lines? I’m all the way in (toward the handle) on the tops and all the way out on the bottoms.

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Yes, I have the same handles. I replaced the leaders on the top and bottom to match what was in the manual. Instead of 2 knots on each I have 3. I put the bottom one on the middle knot and the top one on the furthest from the handle to start and adjust until I get a good launch and light brake. 

Fulcrum leaders.jpg

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