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Recommended kite string rating


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Hello everyone,

just ordered my first kite and would like to know 2 things. 1st, what pound rating should my string be? I see they come in many different strengths. 2nd,  what is the best way to attach the string to the kite? The kite I purchased has many lines that terminate to either a ring, or a loop of string. I have attached the listing photo and description for reference.



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Don't want to be a downer, but I hope everything goes fine with this purchase.

A few "red flags"....material listed as "fabric", quasi disclaimers on measurements/colour with please understand/mind if different, spot on translations....;).....

Even when sold without line, the recommended line strength/weight and length are usually listed. There are folks here who have and fly that kind of (way kewl btw) kite and would know.....


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The material is rip stop nylon. They are listed on Amazon as well. The disclaimers on color and measurements don’t really matter because they state only 1-3cm since they measure by hand. I think they mean the red color might be slightly different due to the photo and display you’re using.

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